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How To Record Slow Motion Videos On LG G7

How To Record Slow Motion Videos On LG G7

Known for its world-renowned camera, LG G7 has stormed its way through the mainstream’s heart with its high definition camera that enables users to capture heartfelt memories via images and videos! However, do you know that you’re also able to capture videos in a Slow Motion manner? Yes, you can!

LG G7 caters out a Slow Motion function on its camera that enables the possibility of recording speedy movements and reproduce them in a slow motion. The way it works is by rapidly capturing numerous video images, utilizing the processing power of your LG G7. If you want to record videos in slow motion using your LG G7, proceed to the instructions we catered below:

Recording Videos in Slow Motion with your LG G7

  1. Open your LG G7
  2. Open the Camera application
  3. Press Format beside the HDR option
  4. Choose the camera resolution you want your video’s resolution to be produced

After activating this function, everytime you capture a video with your LG G7, the video will start recording in slow motion by default. Using the settings option on your camera application, you can choose how fast or slow the “Slow motion” function would be.

  • x1/2 (slow motion effect is lowest)
  • x1/4 (slow motion medium)
  • x1/8 (slow motion effect is best)

We personally recommend using the x1/8 video camera speed for your slow motion function to produce the best Slow Motion Video possible.
Capturing things on slow motion shall help you get more details on a single video. It’s great for action shots to really capture the details of your subject’s motion. It makes for a very dramatic effect!

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Feb 9, 2018

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