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Samsung Galaxy Note 9: How To Disable Talkback – Solved

Samsung Galaxy Note 9: How To Disable Talkback – Solved

When you bought your Samsung Galaxy Note 9, you were probably drooling at the idea of having your smartphone interact with you. Well, it seems like you are not a fan of the talkback function anymore. Why else would you be scouring the internet searching for ways to deactivate in on your Galaxy Note 9?

The talkback function is tailor-made for users with impaired vision. Chances are you have good eyesight, but you enabled the feature anyway from the Android menu. To disable the talkback feature and get your smartphone back to its silent form, you will have to head back to the default menu configuration where a series of simple steps will lead to disabling the talkback feature.

Assuming you are very familiar with the standard commands of both the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, such as: how to scroll through menus, how to open apps and folders, how to check settings options and how to enable/disable specific features, follow the steps below to disable the talkback settings on your Galaxy smartphone.

Disable The Talkback Settings On Samsung Galaxy Note 9

  1. Turn on the Galaxy Note 9
  2. Open the home screen and launch the apps menu
  3. Click on Settings app and open the Accessibility option
  4. Select the option and head back to the general Settings page
  5. Open the Settings window and launch the accessibility tab
  6. Scroll downwards to the bottom of the display with only two fingers on the display
  7. One the talkback function has been located, you simply have to click on it
  8. Toggle the slider from ON to OFF

The feature should be disabled after you have performed this process. The Android menu will be reconstructed with the talkback function reduced to silence, after which you can use the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to negate any annoying factors.

Whenever you want to disable the talkback option, do not shy away from the task as the disabling process is only a toggle way from being switched off. You can easily work on the talkback option within the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 menus.

After that, you can easily be sure that you are now an expert at disabling the talkback option.

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Aug 18, 2018

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