Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Screen Recorder Guide

It is common knowledge that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is capable of taking screenshots at any given time. Of course, not everyone need to save the content of their Galaxy Note 9 screen at any time, but it is always nice to know that when something unexpected pops up on your display screen, you can capture it for viewing later.
But what if I put it to you that you can also record the content of your Galaxy Note 9 screen? Pictures are not the only things you can record off your screen. Snapchat videos and other related stuff can be recorded from your screen so you can view them later. This guide is particularly useful for online gamers and social media platform users.
Gaming enthusiasts are probably rubbing their hands at this possibility. Of course, we all know screenshots are easier to perform compared to a screen record if both actions are to be compared. This is because you need a bunch of buttons to take a screenshot.
With recording, you need the services of a dedicated screen record app if you want to perform a screen record action on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9. It would be super cool if the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 had a pre-installed app for this purpose, but sadly, that is not the case for now.
No need to lose hope though because we bring good news. You need to install a third party app from Google Play Store. This app has been tried by many Android users, including Galaxy Note 9 users with favorable reviews.
The app you need is the AZ Screen Recorder- No Root. You can easily look it up on the Play Store and install it immediately.
Once you have downloaded and installed the AZ Screen Recorder, you can now perform a screen record action on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Screen recordings can be found in the Gallery under the Screen Recording folder.

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