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Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Which VR Glasses Can Be Used? Solved!

Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Which VR Glasses Can Be Used? Solved!

Time and again, we have applauded Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for featuring some of the greatest apps and functions. To get an even more memorable experience, you will need the help of some accessories to enhance the performance of your Galaxy Note 9 smartphone.

In one of our recent articles, we talked about the best official accessories for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Towards the end, we mentioned there are a lot more accessories such as the VR headsets.

Some users were able to buy their Galaxy Note 9 at a discount with some bonuses such as the VR glasses but the question is which is the best VR glass for your smartphone? Say you are planning to have a taste of the virtual reality world, what are you going to pick as your VR glass and it is supported by the Galaxy Note 9 smartphone?

The Samsung Gear virtual reality headset has a design specifically for use with Samsung Galaxy smartphones. It is important to take note of this fact . This is because not all the models are compatible with one another. Moreover, that being the case, you might need to use an appropriate adapter to breach the incompatibility issues.

There is very little that people know in connection with virtual reality and the Galaxy Note 9 smartphone. That is why you will see folks looking on the internet for the best VR glasses to use with their Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone.

Well, your search will depend on whether you are using the latest version of Samsung Gear VR. However, there are those who really don’t know their current VR model. If you are encounter the same problem, you will find the following tip useful.

VR glasses that are compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will also be compatible with Galaxy Note 9. In our research, we have been able to come up with model numbers for those VR glasses that you can use with your Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The model numbers are as follows;

  1. SM-R325
  2. SM-R324


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