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How to Save a Webpage as a Single Image

How to Save a Webpage as a Single Image

tekrevue-homepage-captureThere are plenty of ways to capture the content of a website — saving an article as a PDF, or copying and pasting the article text, for example — but sometimes you want to capture the entire site, design and all, and traditional methods don’t do a great job of that. Sure, you could always take a screenshot of the site in your browser, but that gets messy if the site or page you’re trying to capture is taller than the vertical resolution of your display. A perfect solution to this problem would be a tool that automatically renders an entire website or webpage and then captures the full thing in a single image. Luckily, that tool exists.
I’m talking about Give this free online tool a website address and it will spit out the entire page rendered perfectly in the image format of your choice (JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, PS, and even SVG).
I’ve been experimenting with for a few days and found that it’s a terrific resource for everything from archiving articles, to sharing format-heavy content, to capturing examples for design ideas. It’s fully cross-platform, simple to use, fast, and free.
As an example of what a tool like this can provide, here’s a screenshot of the TekRevue homepage taken with Compare that to what you get when you use Safari’s “Export to PDF” function and the results aren’t even close.
Using a tool like isn’t ideal if you’re primarily interested in just the words or individual images of a website; there are better ways to capture and archive those elements individually. But if you want the whole page, including its design and layout, you’ll want to give a try.

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4 thoughts on “How to Save a Webpage as a Single Image”

Deepu Joy says:
Thank You very much. It is very helpful.
Komrad says:
what if you need to log into the Web site to access the content that you want to capture as an image? will this tool still work?
sbremal says:
I use the service from Archia, it is fantastic. When I am interested in some web content I send its URL to through an e-mail, and their
service replies with the downloaded web page (including images etc.). Then you can open it any time. Pretty cool, check it here:
blah says:
That’s a really crap way of doing things.
Brody Vercher says:
If you’re taking a lot of screenshots, there are various extensions and add-ons for browsers that you can use as well. I use ScreenGrab for Firefox, which allows me to save the full page, the visible portion, or a selection of my choice:

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