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Speed Up Transitions And Animations On Galaxy Note 9

Speed Up Transitions And Animations On Galaxy Note 9

In today’s guide, we are going to talk about the process of speeding up transitions and animations on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 which are the latest Samsung flagship projects. You will notice that the Galaxy Note 9 has some of the most advanced features compared to other smartphones of the modern era.
But it is also likely to happen that as you continue using the Galaxy Note 9 advanced features, you smartphone will start to slow down and at this point there won’t be much difference between it and any other smartphone experiencing a similar problem. But we won’t you to avoid such an eventuality so that you can continue enjoying the great performance of your expensive Android gadget without interruptions. So we shall be looking for ways of speeding up things and so let’s get started.
We have come to discover a way of ensuring that you maintain a high speed performance of your Galaxy Note 9device and we are going to share that trick with you. To clear things up, this method does not directly increase the processor speed but it tweaks the influencers of your device overall performance such as the transition and animation duration. The effect of reducing the animation and transition speeds is that you will get better speeds in the end while navigating and switching between apps.
Let us get the tutorial on how to speed up transition and animations on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9underway.

Speed Up Transitions & Animations on Galaxy Note 9

To make things easy to follow, we have broken down this process into two simple steps so just follow the simple steps below and you will have it all figured out on how to speed up animation and transition on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Enable Developer Options On Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Getting things off and running involves enabling the Developer Options on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone so that you now become a developer. This will enable you to access the transitions and animations settings on your device. If you have enabled the developer options on a previous Samsung model, you should follow the same steps for your Galaxy Note 9 but for those who do not know, here is how to enable the developer options;
Go to Settings –> About Phone –> Software Info. Tap on the “Build Number” 7 times and you will get a notification that you are now a developer.
When you go back to your General settings, you should see an additional setting called the Developer Options. In the next stage, we are going to explain how to use this setting.

Speed Up Animation & Transition Scales On Samsung Galaxy Note 9

  1. There are three scales that you will need to adjust in the developer options. These scales are the Animator duration, Transition animation and the Window animation scales
  2. By default, every single one of these scales has a setting to 1x. However, we can adjust them and to do that we are going to scale them down to 5x. By changing the scale in this manner, we will be doubling up the speed of animations. This will also apply to the transitions of your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 as well. What is more is that you can even decide to turn of the animation completely to get more speed

With that, you would have known at least a quick way of speeding up transitions and animations on your Galaxy Note 9 smartphone. This will come in handy just in case things start getting slow on your device. Be helpful to others by sharing this tip with your friends. If you have any questions or queries feel free to drop them in our comments section.

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