TeaTV Keeps Buffering – How To Fix

Posted by Jamie on March 25, 2019

TeaTV has been around since the early days of Terrarium TV but didn’t have anywhere near the profile of its competitor. Now Terrarium TV has shut down, it has more popularity than ever and is gaining more users every day. Like all streaming apps, there can be issues with using it. Today we are going to talk about the steps you can take if TeaTV keeps buffering.

Buffering is a common issue that affects all streaming. Whether that’s legitimate apps like Hulu or Netflix or less legit ones like TeaTV or Cinema HD. Buffering is caused by the network between your device and the streaming server. As this is out of the control of the app developer, it is often up to you to fix it. Which is why I wrote this piece.

Buffering is caused by a slowdown in traffic between the TeaTV app and the server hosting the stream you’re watching. The app will buffer a few seconds in advance to ensure minor speed issues are invisible but once that buffer is used up, you may see buffering as the app has to wait for the stream traffic to arrive at the device.

Stop TeaTV from buffering

There are three elements to a connection. The stream server, the internet and your device. As you can imagine, you only have control over one of those things. There are a few things you can try though.

Check your connection

If TeaTV keeps buffering, try another app. Try Netflix, Hulu, Amazon or your streaming app of choice. First try with a well known legit app and see what happens. If that app is slow, chances are it’s a network issue. If only TeaTV is acting up, it’s either the app or the streaming server at fault.

If it’s a network issue, look at your WiFi. Reset your router and retry. If that doesn’t work, check signal strength. Use TeaTV next to your wireless router and see if it is any better. It might just be as poor signal in the property causing the problems.

If that doesn’t work, install a WiFi analyzer app and use that to check your network. Look at what other channels are in use around you and what signal strength you’re getting on your own network. If you’re setting other networks using similar channels, move your to a different channel, preferably two along from the nearest network.

Some routers will allow you to increase WiFi broadcast power. If your router has that option, try that.

Check the stream

TeaTV lists streams from across the internet from a range of sources. If a particular show keeps buffering, try another show or try to find another source of the show. If other streams work fine, it is likely to be the streamer rather than TeaTV or your connection. If all streams buffer, it’s TeaTV or your connection.

Restart TeaTV

If it looks like it might be TeaTV because all streams seem to buffer while other streaming apps work fine, a restart of the app might be in order. Shut the app down, give it a few seconds and restart it again. Retry the stream and see what happens.

If you use Android, you might want to reset the app cache while you’re there.

  1. Select Settings and Apps.
  2. Select TeavTV and select Storage.
  3. Select Clear App Cache and Clear Data.
  4. Retest TeaTV and see if it still buffers.

Restart your VPN

Even though some of our troubleshooting has cleared your network from causing TeaTV to buffer, it could be your VPN throttling traffic. You are surely not using TeaTV without a VPN so resetting it is your next logical step. Even though testing streams using Netflix or other legit streaming service has cleared your network, there is nothing to say traffic specific to TeaTV isn’t being throttled by your VPN.

Restart the VPN or change the endpoint server and retest TeaTV.

Download instead of stream

Most TeaTV streams will offer the option to download as well as stream. If you keep seeing buffering, you might like to download and stream locally instead. If your network is running fine, it shouldn’t take long to download a TV show to your device and watch it from there. It isn’t a fix as such but it does get you watching with the minimum of fuss.

Reinstall TeaTV

An outdated or damaged app should cause errors and not buffering but as we have exhausted all other avenues, it’s our only option. Delete the app from your phone, reboot the phone to clear memory and find a legit APK of TeaTV and reinstall it.

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This Guide Last Updated: March 25, 2019

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