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TeaTV Keeps Buffering – How To Fix

TeaTV Keeps Buffering - How To Fix

TeaTV has been around since the early days of Terrarium TV, but it didn’t have the features of its competitor. Since Terrarium TV was shut down, TeaTV gained more popularity than ever. Sadly, TeaTV has also been shut down by the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA). However, the Android app is still available, but it has malware according to Malwarebytes, and once that got removed, it installed fine.  This task was performed using an Android emulator for Windows 10. However, it will most likely occur on a smartphone too. It did appear to load movies and TV episodes, but the browser popups (often two) were infected with viruses and malware or malvertising. Because of the specified issues, it is not logical to use the app unless you want to take risks or trust your Android malware/antivirus protection enough.

Aside from the ban on MacOS and Microsft Windows devices, and the “still” working Android app, TeaTV maintains a website where you can browse movies, and watch them in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or almost any other browser. That process seemed to work when tested, but it was full of risky popups too. In addition, there were numerous servers to pick from. Some servers seemed to load while others didn’t seem to load at all. In any case, you can still use TeaTV’s streaming website found at, but use it at your own risk!

What does TeaTV website streaming mean, and how does it relate to buffering issues?

Well, buffering is a common problem that affects all streaming services, whether it’s from legitimate apps like Hulu or Netflix, or from less legit ones like TeaTV or Cinema HD. Buffering is caused by the network between your device and the streaming server. As this is out of the control of the app developer, it is often up to you to fix it.

Buffering is caused by a slowdown in traffic between the TeaTV app and the server hosting the stream you’re watching. The app will buffer a few seconds in advance to ensure minor speed issues are invisible, but once that buffer gets used up, you may see buffering as the app has to wait for the streaming traffic to arrive at the device.

Stop TeaTV from buffering.

There are three elements to a connection. The stream server, the internet, and your browser As you can imagine, you only have control over one of those things. There are a few steps you can try though.

Check your Internet connection.

If TeaTV keeps buffering, try another app. Try Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, or another reputable streaming app of choice, and see if the buffering issue occurs. If that app is slow, chances are it’s a network issue. If only TeaTV is acting up, it’s most likely the streaming server that’s at fault.

If it’s a network issue, look at your WiFi. Reset your router and retry. If that doesn’t work, check signal strength. Use TeaTV next to your wireless router and see if it is any better. You can also try using an ethernet cable attached directly to your router and PC. For Wi-Fi, it might just be a poor signal that’s causing the problems.

If the above steps don’t solve the problem, install a Wi-Fi analyzer app and use that to check your network. Look at what other channels are in use around you (not yours) and what signal strength you’re getting on your own network. If you’re seeing other networks using similar channels, change your wireless signal to a different channel.

In addition, some routers will allow you to increase WiFi broadcast power. If your router has that option, try that.

Restart your VPN.

If you still suffer from constant buffering, it could be your VPN throttling traffic. You are surely not using TeaTV without a VPN, so resetting it is your next logical step. Even though testing streams using Netflix or other legit streaming service has cleared your network, there is nothing to say traffic specific to TeaTV isn’t being throttled by your VPN.

Restart the VPN or change the endpoint server and retest the TeaTV website.

Download the video instead of streaming it.

Most TeaTV streams offer the option to download the media. If your network is running fine, it shouldn’t take long to download a TV show to your device and watch it from there. It isn’t a fix as such but it does get you watching with minimal fuss.


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2 thoughts on “TeaTV Keeps Buffering – How To Fix”

Kelly says:
I am streaming teaTV without a VPN, can you please explain why this is so bad. Thank You
Chris Sherratt says:
I’m having trouble with no 720p links showing, 1080p links are showing, but they can’t be cast to my Chromecast.

I hope this problem can be resolved.

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