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Using Flash Player On Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Guide

Using Flash Player On Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Guide

By now most android users are wondering why Adobe Flash Player is no longer as common as it used to be on smartphones. Well, the fact is majority of smartphone companies opted to do away with it because of security issues.

Moreover, there was a general consensus among the developers that smartphones can perform a lot faster without the adobe flash player. Now you know why most smartphone models don’t have the adobe flash player.

But there are some users who still love the functions of the adobe flash player but are disappointed because they can’t find it on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 that they just purchased.

Well, you don’t have to accept that there is no way to use the flash player on your new smartphone because in truth you can. This is because there are some web browsers that offer adobe flash player as an in-built support. These are specific web browsers that were developed for Android smartphones.

An inclusion in the list is the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Such web browsers include Mozilla, Dolphin and Puffin among others. The in-built adobe flash player enables you to watch flash videos and play SWF games among other things on these browsers.

The Dolphin browser is one those web browsers that we previously mentioned in some our articles and the reason why we mentioned it is because it is one of the best. With its incognito browsing mode, HTML5 video player, special tabs and so many other impressive features, Dolphin ranks among the best internet browsers alongside Chrome and others.

For the purpose of this article we are going to use Dolphin to show you how to use Flash Player on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

How To Install Flash Player On Samsung Galaxy Note 9

  1. You must first ensure that the device security settings allow you to install third party APKs. The reason for this is that this option is usually inactive by default. To do that;
  • Go to your Settings menu then navigate to Security
  • In your Security settings, look for Unknown sources and check this option
  1. Once you are through with that, download and install the appropriate browser which has the in-built adobe flash player support;
  •  In your Google Play Store, search for the app in the search box
  • Download then install the app. If you are going for Dolphin, follow this link;
  1. With the app downloaded and installed on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone, ensure flash player is active in the downloaded web browser as follows:
  • Open the installed web browser
  • Go to the browser settings
  • Locate the Flash Player option
  • Ensure the status of this extension is Always On
  1. After tweaking the settings above, finally install the Adobe flash APK from your browser. To do this, you will have to do the following;
  • Browse for a page that needs Adobe Flash Player
  • You should be notified to download the Flash Player APK
  • Confirm this action by proceeding with the installation. Because you allowed installation of third party APKs, you should be able to do it

With everything done, you can now start enjoying the Adobe Flash Player on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone.

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