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Why It’s Important to Check IMEI & Check ESN Number?

Why It’s Important to Check IMEI & Check ESN Number?

An IMEI number to a phone is similar to a serial number or vin number to a car. A phone carrier can track a phone quickly with the IMEI and ESN number and provide you will all the details including the model, specs and carrier the phone is on.

It’s important to check IMEI and check ESN number because if you want to purchase a used phone it can’t be activated if the IMEI or ESN number has been reported lost or stolen.

The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique 15 or 17 digit code used to identify an individual mobile. The IMEI number provides an important function; it uniquely identifies a specific mobile phone being used on a mobile network. With an IMEI number, the phone can be blocked from the network quickly and easily. The IMEI can be found by dialing *#060# on your phone and it will appear. If you have an iPhone, go to Settings, then General followed by About and your information will appear. It is important to know that swapping a SIM card will not stop a phone from being banned. IMEI numbers are stored in the phones themselves, not on the SIM cards.

So why should you care about clearing your ESN before you send it into us? Well, for one, we can’t pay you for a 100% working device if we find that the ESN tied to it is still active on your account. Secondly, it’s a matter of security. We always stress data security and if our customers help us by ensuring that all previous information not only pictures and contacts but also account information, there is a significantly less chance that that information would fall into the wrong hands. Lastly, if a CMDA phone is not cleared from it’s previous account; it can’t be activated by any other user, effectively turning the phone a paper weight.

Mobile operators can also use the IMEI number to identify valid subscribers and the type of equipment used in the network. Mobile operator can also disable mobile phone remotely if phone is reported as stolen or lost (and if reporter asked them to disable this phones IMEI). This mobile phone can still be used with other operators all over the world. If you ever find a mobile phone, mobile operator can also recognize owner of the phone by IMEI or SIM card inserted and return phone to his owner.

Since all CMDA accounts are directly tied to a phone, and not to a SIM card, it’s necessary that all past due bills and fees are cleared or else your network provider will not clear your device. More often than not, the main reason why you wouldn’t be able to deactivate your device is simply because the billing cycle for your account simply hasn’t completed. However, there are other reasons why your account may be stopped from being clear, so check with your provider.

So, before you rush to sell your CMDA Blackberry, Android Phone, or iPhone, double check that your device is cleared from your network.





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