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How to Return Multiple Items to Amazon at Once

How to Return Multiple Items to Amazon at Once

Amazon markets itself as a customer-friendly retailer that puts its consumers first. However, things aren’t that simple. Although the platform’s customer support is always available, Amazon may cause you problems with returns.

For instance, returning multiple items to Amazon at once can be a hassle and risky endeavor regarding refunds. In this post, we’ll walk you through how to return multiple items at once on Amazon, how you should pack them, and how to get a refund on those items.

How to Return Multiple Items on Amazon at Once

Returning multiple items on Amazon is similar to a single item return.

  1. Open the Amazon app on your phone. 
  2. Go to your profile section by tapping the person icon
    Amazon Profile section
  3. Tap the Your Orders option from the menu. Every order that you’ve made will appear on this page. 
  4. Select the order you want to return. 
  5. Tap the Return or replace items option.
    Amazon order Return or replace items
  6. Now, tap the Add More Items To This Return button.
    Amazon Add More Items To This Return button
  7. Tap See more items.
    Amazon order see more items
  8. A list of all your recent purchases will appear. Select the items you want to return. 
  9. Once you’ve selected the items you want to return, hit Done.
  10. Give the reason why you want to return each item and tap Continue.
    Amazon return order reasons
  11. Select the payment mode you’d like to get the refund. 
  12. Tap the Continue button.
    Amazon return order
  13. Select the pick-up address or Amazon Dropoff and hit the Confirm your return button.
    Amazon return order pick-up address
  14. You’ll receive an email with a QR code that you need to show when you return the order.

That’s about it. Returning multiple items on Amazon is straightforward and works the same as returning a single one.

How to Pack an Item for Amazon Return

There are many stories from Amazon users who didn’t get a refund for all their items when they returned multiple items at once. That’s why you need to make sure you did everything correctly. You should learn how to package the items correctly to increase your chances of a proper refund.

Usually, it’s a much better idea to put the things you’re returning in separate boxes. However, in most cases, Amazon doesn’t ask you to return items in a box. You can simply take the item to a nearby Amazon Dropoff or any dropoff and hand it over.

amazon how to return multiple items

However, in some cases, you need to submit items in a box. The best way to go here is to take a box that can store all the items you’re returning. Tape or stick one of the return labels to the big box. Then, tape or rubber band the other labels to the remaining items.

It’s always preferable to tape them, as rubber bands won’t secure them correctly. However, the process is a little different if you want to return a Kindle book on Amazon

Should You Combine Multiple Amazon Orders in the Same Return?

While there is no official policy regarding how many returns are excessive, Amazon frowns upon group returns. There have been cases where bulk returns led to the user’s Amazon account being blocked. Even the Amazon seller could block you. However, if you correctly follow the steps mentioned above, you shouldn’t experience any issues.

amazon how to return items at once

It would be best if you bundled returns as you received them. In other words, if you’ve bought multiple items from the same retailer and in the same purchase, you can package these items together when returning. However, bundling items from different retailers may cause you some issues. 

Various Refund Types

Amazon offers multiple refund options, but they don’t work the same way. There are three refund methods: Amazon Pay (applicable in India), Credit/Debit card, and Gift card. The refund comes after the completion of the return request and after the company verifies all items. 

Once the item(s) is verified, you will receive the refund via the method you chose. If you selected Amazon Pay balance, your refund should be instantaneous. On the other hand, refunds through credit or debit cards may take up to 7 business days. And a gift card balance refund process should happen within a business day.

However, if you’re looking for a promotional credit refund, don’t keep your hopes up – Amazon doesn’t offer refunds in this instance.

Return Multiple Amazon Items Without Breaking a Sweat

Amazon does allow you to return multiple items at once. Of course, a degree of risk is involved here, as the e-commerce giant doesn’t look forward to this type of return. To make sure that you get refunded adequately and that everything runs smoothly, make sure that you’ve made proper requests and that you’ve packed and labeled everything correctly.

Have you ever made multiple Amazon returns at once? Did you experience any refund issues? Did it go smoothly for you? Feel free to tell your story in the comment section below. If this guide was useful, consider checking out our guide on how to archive orders on Amazon


1. Can I return multiple items together to Amazon?

A. Yes, you can return multiple items together to Amazon. Although you don’t need to pack the items in a box in most cases, don’t combine items from several orders or shipments in the same package to guarantee that you get the right refund. Pack your things for return and attach your return label, if applicable.

2. How many Amazon items can you return at ondoesn’tAmazon doesn’t have a restriction on the number of items you can return at once, but there should be a legit reason behind your returns
3. Can I return Amazon items without packaging?

A. No, most Amazon returns do not require packaging or labeling. You can return Amazon items without packing. Most products purchased from can be returned within 30 days of delivery.

4. Are Amazon returns free?

Adoesn’tAmazon doesn’t charge you anything for returns. You can return items through a nearby Amazon dropoff or any other dropoff for free. However, there are some cases (rare) where you might have to pay a small fee to return items.

5. How long do Amazon refunds take?

A. It can take 5 to 7 business days after the return is processed for the refund to appear on your original payment method. However, choose Amazon Pay balance as the payment mode, the refund should be instantaneous.

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4 thoughts on “How to Return Multiple Items to Amazon at Once”

Shannon A McFarland says:
This does not work!
Mary Sue Rogers says:
somehow amazon set up 8 packages with 8 computer square codes rather than bundling them all together in one box with one code to drop off at ups. I wasn’t given the option to take them to whole foods like I planned. I can’t seem to reverse it or get a phone #. It seems like too big a job to do it this way and keep track of what code goes with what item etc. Any suggestions?
Pat A says:
It’s OK to return multiple items in a proper size box there is a couple of extra tips for example, the label that you use to go outside the box should be from the item that weights more and dont mix anything that is hazardous or electronics these things should go alone. Make sure before you start packing your box to see where each item is going because Amazon returns items to their warehouse and also to sellers directly so if you see that any of your items has a different destination put it in a different box or else you will loose that item or have a to deal with some headaches. Rule of thumb mixing items that are similar like clothing is a good idea to send all in one box specially if they are all different orders.
Lucia Garcia says:
I need to return 7 boxes of 3 Handset answering machines Don’t have return labels.
Do I take the boxes to FedEx and let them handle.
Pat A says:
I would try ups I don’t think FedEx works with Amazon only ups, ups drop offs, kholls and usps.

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