How to Return Multiple Items to Amazon at Once

Amazon markets itself as a customer-friendly retailer that puts its consumers first. However, things aren’t that simple. Although Amazon’s customer support is always at your disposal, Amazon may cause you problems with some returns.

For instance, returning multiple items at once has been met with a lot of resistance from Amazon. It can be a risky endeavor when it comes to refunds. So, you should learn how to package the items correctly to increase your chances of a proper refund. Here’s how to return multiple items at once on Amazon.

How to Return Items

Returning multiple items on Amazon is done pretty much like any other Amazon return. All you need to do is select every item that you want to return.

For starters, go to the Amazon orders page on your account. Every order that you’ve made will appear in a box. To start the process of returning the items, click Return items on this page. You’ll see a checkmark next to each order that you’ve made. Click the checkmark next to each order that you want to return.

Once you’re done, to the right of each product that you’ve selected, you’ll see a box that allows you to choose a reason for the return. Clicking this box will open a drop-down menu. You’ll have to explain why you’re returning the item in question, and you’ll see a text box once you’ve selected your reason for the return.

Now, select Continue. You’ll go to a new page, where Amazon will try and help you resolve your problem. As a rule of thumb, the only selected option will be the Refund option. If you’ve read everything carefully and made sure that the Refund option is selected, click Continue.

You’ll go to a new page. You’ll use this page to schedule a pickup by Amazon. You’ll see a drop-down menu, which allows you to select the date. By default, you’ll see your regular delivery address displayed. That means that you’re scheduling a pickup to that address. To change it, click Change address.

Check all the info that you’ve provided and select Submit to set the return process in motion. Of course, you’ll get a return receipt. Be sure to keep this receipt safe until you’re refunded.

That’s about it. Returning multiple items on Amazon is straightforward, and it works the same as returning a single one. But there are many stories from users who didn’t end up refunded for all their items when returning multiple ones. That’s why you need to make sure you did everything correctly.


Once your return gets approved, you’ll get a return label. If you have a printer, make sure that you’ve printed this label or labels. If you don’t own a printer and want Amazon to send them to you via mail, you can request this, as well.

As a rule of thumb, Amazon frowns upon multiple item returns. Many users abuse Amazon’s lenient return policy and often end up ordering many items, only to keep one and return the others. Usually, it’s a much better idea to put the things that you’re returning in separate boxes. However, this will set you back more.

amazon how to return multiple items

The best way to go here is to take a box that can store all the items that you’re returning. Tape or stick one of the return labels to the big box. Then, tape or rubber band the other labels to the remaining items. It’s always preferable to tape them, as rubber bands won’t secure them correctly. If an Amazon worker fails to find a label on an item, you may never get refunded.

If you package the items in the same box and label everything correctly, the combined weight of the items shouldn’t lead to any additional expenses or cause problems.

Should You Combine Multiple Orders in the Same Return?

As mentioned earlier, Amazon frowns upon excessive returns. While there is no official policy regarding how many returns are “excessive.” However, there have been cases where six returns over the year have led up to blocked Amazon accounts.

Still, if you label everything correctly, you shouldn’t experience any issues. It would be best if you bundled returns as you received them. In other words, if you’ve bought multiple items from the same retailer and in the same purchase, you can package these items together when returning. However, bundling items from different retailers may cause you some issues.

amazon how to return items at once

Various Refund Types

Some customers, however, do complain about not receiving an instant refund. The thing is, refund methods are as varied as Amazon payment methods. They don’t work the same way. One thing is sure, though, you get refunded after the return is received.

Now, for example, if you use a payment card, the refund should be instantaneous. If you’re using a payment card to get refunded to a gift card, the refund comes after the completion of the return request. On the other hand, some payment card refunds may take up to 7 business days.

A gift card balance refund process should be over within a business day. If you’re looking for a promotional credit refund, don’t keep your hopes up – Amazon doesn’t offer refunds in this instance.

Returning Multiple Items at Once

Amazon does allow you to return multiple items at once. Of course, there is a degree of risk involved here, as Amazon doesn’t look forward to this type of return. To make sure that you get refunded adequately and that everything runs smoothly, make sure that you’ve made proper requests and that you’ve packed and labeled everything correctly.

Have you ever made multiple Amazon returns at once? Did you experience any refund issues? Did it go smoothly for you? Feel free to tell your story in the comment section below.

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I need to return 7 boxes of 3 Handset answering machines Don’t have return labels.
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