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Apple iOS 9.3: How Long Will It Take To Update Software?

Apple iOS 9.3: How Long Will It Take To Update Software?

For those thinking about update to iOS 9.3 from iOS 9.2, below we’ll answer how long it will take to update to iOS 9.3. The answer to the question “How long will the iOS 9.3 update take to complete?” that we’ve been asked dozens of times is based on how much you’ve done to prepare for the iOS 9.3 update.

During the iOS 9.3 update, some reported downloads of two to four hours, even on a good connection. This happens when millions of users all try to install the new iOS 9.3 update at the same time. But if Apple’s servers have no problems for those wanting to download the iOS 9.3 update, you may be able to complete the iOS 9.3 installation and start enjoying new features in as little as 15 minutes.

Below are several different things that can effect the iOS 9.3 update time and we’ll can explain how you can speed up the process below.
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Sync and Backup: 5-45 Minutes 

The first step is optional for those that don’t want to transfer anything from their iOS 9.2 device to iOS 9.3 on the iPhone or iPad. All you need to do to sync and backup your iPhone or iPad on iOS 9.2 is plug your Apple device in to iTunes or connect to iCloud and make sure you back up it up.


Backup & Transfer Purchases: 1-30 Minutes 

The next step after you sync and back up your iPhone or iPad is to select on File -> Transfer Purchases to make sure the apps and other purchases from iOS 9.2 stores on your computer.


iOS 9.3 Download: 15 Minutes to 6 Hours

For those that want to update to iOS 9.3 as soon as it’s released, the time to download iOS 9.3 will range from 15 minutes to several hours. After the initial rush dies, you should expect the iOS 9.3 download to complete in 15 to 20 minutes.


iOS 9.3 Update Time: 15-30 Minutes

After you have downloaded iOS 9.3 on your iPhone or iPad, your Apple device then needs to install the iOS 9.3 update. When this process is happening, you can’t use your iPhone or iPad at all.



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