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The Best Android Apps to Annotate and Draw on Photos

The Best Android Apps to Annotate and Draw on Photos

Some photo editing apps allow you to modify images in multiple ways but not all of them will let you doodle or write on them. With imagery gradually taking over the internet, the ability to tweak our images to add captions, highlights or something else is useful. That’s why we put this page together. To highlight some of the best Android apps to annotate and draw on photos. Because why not?

There are some business reasons for being able to annotate images but its more about fun. With apps giving you access to filters, overlays and all that good stuff, sometimes its nice to be able to do your own things and not look like the millions of other people with kitten faces or bunny ears.

Android apps that let you annotate images

The following are what I think are some of the best Android apps that let you annotate images.

Screen Master

Screen Master is quite the powerful app. It not only allows you to add your own overlays to images but also lets you take screenshots, add markup, text, crop and edit images in multiple different ways. It’s free and includes ads, although I didn’t see any while using it. Screen Master is also well reviewed so you don’t have to take my word for it.

Take or load an image into the app and you have a suite of tools to do pretty much what you like. You can crop and rotate, add blur, magnify screen elements, draw, add emojis, add shapes and all kinds of stuff. It is probably the only photo annotation app you need.

Scribble On It

Scribble On It isn’t as powerful as Screen Master but it is simple and a bit of fun. It’s a whiteboard app that allows you to draw, add shapes and all sorts to a whiteboard on your phone. You can also upload images and use them as whiteboard backgrounds, which is why it is in this list.

The UI is very straightforward and places all the tools at the top and bottom of the screen. You can add any image, change colors, brush size and some other elements too.

Phonto – Text on Photos

Phonto – Text on Photos does exactly what it says it does. It enables you to add your own text to images using finger tracing. It’s a very simple tool but great at what it does. The tool includes over 200 fonts and allows you to add more. You can type if you prefer and change the color, size, add shadow and modify the text in multiple ways.

The tool is only for text but if that’s what you want to do, Phonto gets the job done well. The app is ad-supported and has the option to purchase extra fonts and features.

Draw On Pictures

Draw On Pictures is another self-descriptive name for an app that delivers exactly what it says it does. The interface is clear and easy to use, you can add freehand drawings to images, add text, change colors, font size and all that good stuff. The app is regularly updated to improve usability too.

I would say Draw On Pictures is not as strong as Screen Master but it isn’t bad in its own right. The only downside is that the ads are more intrusive than in other Android apps that let you annotate images. You can pay $4 for the pro version to remove them if you like the app though.

Sketch – Draw & Paint

Sketch – Draw & Paint is very feature-rich and allows you to do more than just annotate images. There are multiple tools and editing options and you could easily lose an hour or three within it. The interface is clear but there are lots of tools to navigate. Once you know where everything is, the app is much easier to use.

Sketch – Draw & Paint allows you to draw on photos, add text, filters, add layers and all that good stuff. It is free and ad supported by the ads aren’t as intrusive as some.


Inkboard is the last Android app that let you annotate images in this list but certainly not the least. It’s a solid app that has all the basic tools you need to be able to draw or add stuff to your images. The UI is very easy to get to grips with and the tools are easy to find. Just load an image, pick a tool and you’re away.

There aren’t as many tools as some of these other apps but for light annotation and the lack of intrusive ads, Inkboard is definitely worth checking out.

Those are what I think are some of the best Android apps that let you annotate images around right now. Got any other suggestions? Tell us about them below if you do!

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