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The Best Hacks to Get More Robux in Roblox

The Best Hacks to Get More Robux in Roblox

Since Roblox’s official release in August 2006, the game has grown to become a hugely popular multiplayer world. It’s rare enough that an MMO lasts for over a decade, but it’s even rarer to be able to actually earn real-world money while using it.

Since 2013, enterprising and creative user-developers have been able to transfer the Robux (R$) they’ve made via their hard work into real-world currency. They have to pay for the privilege, though, by purchasing a subscription to the Roblox Builder’s Club (BC).

No Such Thing as a Free Robuk

Despite what many sites out there promise you, there’s really no such thing as a ‘Robux Generator’, and you can’t trick the game into giving you Robux for free. Even worse, many of these so-called Generators are actually scams trying to gain access to your login details, and use fake reviews to make them seem more legitimate. At best, they simply just don’t actually work, but at worst the websites can be home to malicious code and phishing scams.

Frustrating as it may be, it’s hardly surprising that Roblox Corporation keeps a tight rein on the in-game currency. Otherwise, they would basically be giving away free money. In fact, they effectively used to do just that. Until 2016 you could earn another in-game currency known as Tix by completing various tasks which could then be converted into Robux. However, this caused spiraling costs for the developers and was discontinued.

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How to Get More Robux

There are several methods that you can use to get more Robux, though the only way to get any for free is essential to rely on the generosity of strangers or your friends which is why begging has become something of an issue in-game. Let’s have a look at your options.

Buy Them

The simplest solution is to purchase them legitimately from the official Roblox store. The more you buy, the better deal you’ll get, and members of the Builders Club get 10% extra Robux when they buy them.

They are available in the following packages:

R$400                    (R$40 BC bonus)                               –              $4.99

R$800                    (R$80 BC bonus)                               –              $9.99

R$1,700                (R$170 BC bonus)                             –              $19.99

R$4.500                (R$450 BC bonus)                             –              $49.99

R$10,000              (R$1,000 BC bonus)                         –              $99.99

You could also check out resellers like, as you can occasionally find bargain deals on there, but again, watch out for scams. Generally, if it seems too good to be true, it often is.


Join the Builders Club

Builders Club members get a daily stipend of Robux, and the higher-level memberships give more per day. Memberships come in three tiers and are helpful if you’re planning on making money by developing things in the Roblox Studio. You get 70% worth of the profits rather than the mere 10% that unpaid members get for their work.

Here are the costs of the membership subscriptions, as well as how much R$ you get daily with each:

Classic – Monthly $5.95 / Yearly $57.97 – Robux per day: R$15

Turbo – Monthly $11.95 / Yearly $85.95 – Robux per day: R$35

Outrageous – Monthly $19.95 / Yearly $129.95 – Robux per day R$60

Sell Clothes

For the more creative types out there, you can sell your own designs of t-shirts, shirts, and pants to other Roblox users via the Catalog. You don’t need a BC membership to take advantage of this option, but having one will get you much more $R for your efforts. If you need some help getting started, you can check out the game developer’s guide for making clothing.

You can set your own prices for each item you create, though the market place is pretty competitive, and there’s a lot of stuff there already. You’ll need to bring your A-game to make something that will bring in the dough.


Sell Paid Access

If you’ve made a high-quality game or location in the world of Roblox, you can try selling access to it. Think of this like putting up a paid app on the App Store or Google Play rather than a free one. People will have to pay you to use your game and will expect it to be worth their cash. People won’t be able to download or copy your game, and you can set prices between R$25 and R$1000.

Sell Game Passes

Game Passes are another thing that you can sell to players of your games. Basically, they provide purchasers with extra perks and bonuses while using your game, like special powers, outfits, and rare items. Exactly what is provided by the pass is up to you to decide.

Join a Group

Some in-game groups are filled with generous and wealthy souls, and if any games or items are sold directly by their group, the proceeds are deposited into a “Group Fund” that can then be shared among the members. While this sounds like it could be a free lunch, it’s rare that people will support a freeloader, so expect to have to prove your worth to the group somehow if you want to be cashed in.

Seriously, Watch out for Scams!

We can’t stress this enough. If you don’t want to risk losing your Roblox account and Robux you’ve got on it, then don’t click on any suspicious links promising that you just need to give them your username and they’ll send you free Robux.

Do you have a success story about how you made a load of R$? Got any tips for new developers to help them get started? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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