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Changing Your Screensaver On Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Changing Your Screensaver On Samsung Galaxy Note 9

There are owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 that will like to know how they can change the screensaver on their mobile device. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is considered to be among the most powerful smartphones that are available now, and this is because of the preloaded apps that are on it.

However, because of how powerful the smartphone is, it can be a little bit complex for an owner of the Galaxy Note 9 that is using a Samsung smartphone for the first time. So its actually normal for some owners not to understand some aspects of the smartphone, for example how to change the screensaver.

There are times when you will notice a beautiful wallpaper on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 screen of your colleague, and you will like to know how you can apply it on your screen.

This article will make you understand how you can easily change the wallpaper of your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to any picture that you prefer. You will also understand how you can make use of another picture as your lock screen image.

To learn how to do this and more, just follow the tips below. The first thing you should know is that Samsung has made it possible to apply a different wallpaper for your Galaxy Note 9 Lock Screen and the Home screen.

How You Can Change The Wallpaper On The Home Screen On Your Samsung Galaxy Note 9

  1. Look for a space on the Home screen of your device
  2. Tap and hold the space until the editing screen comes up
  3. Locate the Wallpaper icon at the bottom of the screen
  4. Tap on the icon and a list of preloaded wallpapers will come up
  5. You can now select any wallpaper that you like
  6. If you do not see anyone that you want on the list,  tap on View Gallery to choose an image that you would like to apply
  7. Once you have selected the image, tap on the option to Set Wallpaper

Also, there are a lot of beautiful and amazing images online that you can download and apply as wallpaper. I will suggest that you check out apps like Zedge.

How To Change The Wallpaper Of The Lock screen On Samsung Galaxy Note 9

  1. Locate the wallpaper menu from your device home screen
  2. The Home screen menu will appear
  3. Click on it and list will come up with three options which are: Home Screen, Lock screen, Home and lock screens
  4. Select Lock screen
  5. Then you can make use of the guidelines explained above to choose the image that you wish to use as your lock screen
  6. Also, do not forget that you can still use the image as your home screen
  7. Tap on Set Wallpaper when you are ready
  8. Then click the back icon to exit the menu

That’s all you will have to do if you will like to alter the image on your lock and home screen. You can now use your favorite pictures on your device screen. This will make your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to look more personal and unique. Do not forget that there are several apps on your Google Play Store that offers beautiful and amazing images that I’m sure you will love. I will suggest that you try out Zedge, the app is really one of the best available on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 right now.

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Aug 7, 2018

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