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Does i-AMP Eyeglass Lens Technology Really Work?

Does i-AMP Eyeglass Lens Technology Really Work?

gunnar Everyone is familiar with glass technology to decrease sun glare, known as a polarizer filter. This is applied to eyeglasses, mirrors and glass on most (if not all) automobiles made today.

Back in the days of CRT monitors, a monitor accessory that was seen often was a glare reduction filter; this was a rather ugly thing that was applied by adhesive to the side of the monitor which hung a transparent panel with a filter directly in front of the screen.

Eye strain is becoming an issue again because of LED-backlit computer monitors and newer display technologies for smartphones and tablets. With incandescent backlighting on LCD monitors, eye strain isn’t too bad, but with LED-backlit, the monitor is a lot brighter. This brightness is a double-edged sword, because while you can see and read stuff better, eye strain can happen more often.

A company called Gunnar does make eyeglasses with i-AMP technology (described as “an optical platform that incorporates proprietary lens materials, lens tints, lens coatings, and lens geometry”) that supposedly makes it a whole lot easier on your eyes if you stare at a computer screen for hours on end each day.

The question however is this: Does it work?

Yes, the technology works…

…but there may be comfort issues.

My suggestion is to go here (NewEgg does sell the Gunnar brand), click the Feedback tab and read the comments thoroughly. Most agree that they work, and the only real complaint is adjustment issues.

NewEgg has a whole bunch of models with varying styles from Gunnar, so check ’em out.

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One thought on “Does i-AMP Eyeglass Lens Technology Really Work?”

David says:
Thanks!  I ran across these glasses a few months back and considered trying them.  I found them at Best Buy, but didn’t know they were also sold at NewEgg.  Not sure if they can be used in conjunction with eyeglasses though (and how much of a tool will I look like if I do?).
Rich says:
They’re available with prescription. Go here: – select the ‘Category’ drop-down menu, select ‘Rx Provider’, then in the above field punch in your ZIP code and you’ll see if there’s a local shop where you can get a Gunnar set with prescription. The local place where you get your glasses done might even be an authorized dealer.

On whether it’s better to buy the set from NewEgg and then take it to the shop for the prescription to be put in to save a few bucks or just go 100% local dealer outright, I don’t know. Depends on the shop.

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