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How to Download and Save Videos from the ClassDojo App

How to Download and Save Videos from the ClassDojo App

ClassDojo is a free platform that connects teachers, students, and parents. That way, parents can stay in the loop about what the kids are learning by following teachers’ Stories.

They can comment, like, and translate captions. They can also download photos and videos from Stories if they use the ClassDojo Beyond School service. It’s a subscription-based add-on from ClassDojo for families that you can bundle and use with the main app.

ClassDojo Beyond School and Downloads

Did you know that ClassDojo supports 35 languages and that it’s available in 180 countries? It’s a widely used tool, and most schools in the US, from pre-K to twelfth grade, rely on it. The platform is available on Android and iOS, but you can also access it via the website.

However, not all schools offer the ClassDojo Beyond School service. Also, some features, like downloading pictures and videos, are only available on the iOS app. For now, Android and website users can’t download and save photos and videos from teachers’ Story posts.

So, if you’re using ClassDojo Beyond School on an iOS device, here is how you download photos and videos:

  1. Sign in to your ClassDojo account.
  2. Go to the “Stories” tab and look for the post you want to download.
  3. On the right bottom corner, you will see a grey arrow (download icon). Tap on the icon to save the photo or video on your Camera Roll.

How to Download and Save Videos From ClassDojo App

Other Things You Can Do with ClassDojo Beyond School

The main objective of ClassDojo Beyond School is to help parents motivate their children. There are several different features parents can use to show their kids’ progress to the teachers. They can use Points, which is a system that encourages positive habits while the children are not in school.

You can reward them when they do the homework, when they’ve finished all their chores, or when they act patiently and kindly towards others. You can even create your own custom goals, so the kids work on the things that are specific to their needs.

Another perk of using ClassDojo Beyond School is that parents get more access to the report data. With just the free app, they gain insight into daily activities and reports. But with the paid subscription, they also get Monthly and All-Time reports for all their kids’ classes.

Download and Save Videos From the ClassDojo App

More About the Class Story Video Feature

When it comes to posting on ClassDojo Class Story feed, only teachers can access it. When a teacher posts a video on the Class Story, parents can see it as soon as they log in to their account. It’s the first thing that comes up when they log in.

Students, however, can only see these videos if the teacher posts it in their student portfolio. Teachers can use both Android and iOS apps to post interesting segments from their classes. They can also opt to show the video to specific parents, and not post it publicly.

Teachers can also post videos on the Class Story using the Class Dojo web portal. Chrome is recommended for the best experience. When a teacher logs into their account via the web, they will be able to post photos, files, record a video, or post an event.

Download and Save Videos From ClassDojo App

Save Precious Moments with ClassDojo Beyond School

ClassDojo is transforming how schools operate. It emphasizes the importance of the concept that a child gets its education from both school and home. That’s why parent-teacher communication is so important.

If you opt for the Beyond School plan, you’ll be able to download and save photos and videos from teachers’ Stories.

Have you ever used the ClassDojo app before? Let us know in the comments section below.

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7 thoughts on “How to Download and Save Videos from the ClassDojo App”

No says:
its 2023 and they still haven’t got it working
Ngocviet says:
Same issue. I don’t find any Download in both Web and App. Please fix it.
CH says:
I just right clicked on the video and chose ‘save video as’ and it worked. Good luck!
Kate says:
I just right clicked on the video and click on ‘ save video as’ and it worked. Good luck!
Jeff H. Sanford says:
How do you right click on a smartphone?
Marco says:
Video download “arrow to a box” icon is not shown in mobile app, please fix it Dojo.
Not sure if desktop version is available but definitely will try .
Marco says:
I left a message on November 17, 2020 which can’t find the download function. Thanks for the above two comments, I carefully right-click the movies and will find “save video as” functions! It worked!
Adri says:
On the desktop version just right click and Save video as. For mobile I don’t have solution
Karla Trauberman says:
Same thing! I can’t figure out how to save the video I created using the Class Dojo Site. I am a teacher. There isn’t a download arrow as described
Donna says:
I would like to do the same thing. I do not see the download arrow at the bottom of my video. Please respond.
Nyasha Grennan says:
I want to save my video that i made through the class dojo sight to my personal camera roll. That way I can post it in other ways. I looked for the download arrow at the bottom of my video but it’s not there. Help!

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