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Feature Phones With Hotspot Capabilities

Feature Phones With Hotspot Capabilities

A feature phone is an alternative to an expensive smartphone. These days there are a lot of feature phones with similar software to smartphones that allow for users to surf the web, check emails and downloads apps.

Many mobile users would like to user their feature phone as a mobile hotspot, also known as tethering. This is where it allows any other Wi-Fi-enabled devices to the mobile network of your choice. But a negative of feature phones is that they don’t have the option of tethering or being a mobile hotspot. The reason for this is because most feature phones have really slow processors, which are incapable of serving high sped traffic.

An alternative to having a hotspot capability on your mobile cell phone would to purchase an older model smartphone. This will help you avoid paying the expensive prices that are associated with smartphones. Sites like eBay, Craigslist, Glyde & Swappa are great alternatives to purchasing a new expensive smartphone with hotspot capabilities.

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