How to Get Free Fonts for MIUI

If you happen to have a Xiaomi phone, you’re most likely familiar with the Android-based MIUI. This operating system existed even before a Xiaomi did. Launched back in 2010, since then it’s become the preferred choice of many smartphone users.

One of the things that make MIUI (MI User Interface) different from Android are features like theme support. MIUI has given the users more room for customization. And, apart from themes, this included changing the system fonts. But where can you find free MIUI fonts and how do you install them on your phone?

Looking for Free Fonts

When you first get your phone, everything is new and interesting. But after a few weeks, the excitement starts to fade. You might be equally impressed with your phone’s features, but at the same time, you’re ready for more new stuff.

The same applies to system fonts. You can alternate between the few that are available, but soon you’d like to get more. There are a lot of sources for fonts online, and you can go browsing to find them. You can check out the community for a long list of fonts to choose from.

These are already packaged to work great with the MIUI Theme Manager. Which makes everything a lot easier. The only issue you might run into here is that there’s too much choice.

MIUI Fonts

MIUI Custom Font Installer

Even when you find the perfect font or fonts that you wish you use for your MIUI supported phone, you’re not always able to install them without a hitch. This is where a third-party app can help you. All you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Download and install MIUI Custom Font Installer here.
  2. Download the free font you want in the .mtz/.ttf file format.
  3. Launch the app, and then select the “Browse Font” option.
  4. Select the downloaded font and then press “OK”.
  5. You’ll be asked to name the Font if you want to. You can skip this step. You can also see the Font preview image. Select “Next”.
  6. You will see what the font will look like in the preview window and then select “Install”. This action will add the font to your phone.
  7. You’ll see “System Font” and look for the installed font in the list of fonts.
  8. Select the font and press “Apply”.
  9. A reboot is necessary. When the pop-up screen appears, select “Reboot”.

After your phone is done rebooting, you’ll notice that the system font on your device has been changed.

MIUI Themes

Most Android phones have several themes to choose from. But that has never been the priority when it comes to Android-based devices and customization. MIUI went out of its way to change that. To customize the MIUI Themes feature is a lot of fun. That’s where you go to browse and delete the fonts as well.


You can browse the theme store easily, but in order to download them, you’ll need a Mi account. Go to to create a Mi account. After that, simply launch the Themes app store. The themes are organized by categories. You have the most popular themes and Editor’s picks as well.

When you find a theme you want, just to tap on it, and you’ll notice a green button for download at the bottom of the screen. When the download is done, the download option will become the apply button. Select that to give your phone a new theme.

Deleting Themes

You don’t have to hesitate when downloading new themes if you’re worried that you’ll end up with too many. You can always delete a theme you no longer like or want to use. No one likes clutter on their phone. The simplest way to delete a theme is to go to Settings>Themes and then select the theme you want to delete. Select the trash can icon in the upper right corner, and that’s it. Just keep in mind that you can’t delete the themes that were preinstalled.

Fonts and Themes Tell a Story

Some people find the hunt for a perfect font or a theme to be trivial or unimportant. But many more find the opposite to be true. A font you like could make navigating your phone’s features easier or writing an email way more fun. So, it’s a good thing MIUI has taken a special interest in customization for their users.

What kind of fonts do you like? Do you look for free fonts for your phone? Let us know in the comments section below.

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