How To Use Your Google Play Music Library with Amazon Echo

How to Use Google Play Music on Amazon Echo

While Google Play Music can’t directly link with and work on Amazon Echo theirs a way to get your Google Play music library into the Amazon Music app.  Uploading your Google Play Music to the Amazon Music app enables you to listen to it through Amazon Echo.

A second way to play your Google Play Music would be by pairing the Bluetooth connection and playing right from your Smartphone or tablet.  We’ll cover both ways for you to listen to your Google Play music through your Amazon Echo.

You’ll just need to take a few steps to get your Google Play Music working with the Amazon music application or Bluetooth.  Then, you’ll be able to ask Alexa to play your music or just play it from your paired device through Amazon Echo.

Here’s what you’ve got to do.  We’ll start off with the more involved method of using Google Play music with your Amazon Echo first, then, we’ll tell you how to use the Bluetooth method.

Get the Amazon Music App

If you already have an Amazon Prime account then, you have access to Amazon music.  Log into your Amazon account on the website.  Then, under your account go down to your music library which gets highlighted in orange and click on it.                                                                                                                                                            Amazon Prime login

  • Then, you’ll be on the Amazon Music page on the next screen that appears.                          Amazon Music page
  • In the left side panel go down to where it says Upload Your Music to Your Cloud Library.  Then, click it. Upload music
  • Then a box should pop up on your screen.  You’re going to select the option of downloading the Amazon Music uploader for your computer, Mac or Windows.                                                                                                                                Install Amazon Music
  • Next, you’ll click on the button that says Install the Amazon Music application.
  • The Amazon Music application downloads in your web browser. It shows on the bottom left-hand side of your screen at the bottom of your browser window.                                                                                          Amazon Music Installer
  • Then, follow the instructions on how to locate the Amazon Music installer file on your computer as shown in your browser window.
  • After installing the Amazon Music app, open it and you’re prompted to log into your Amazon account.

Amazon Music login

  • The Amazon Music app opens once you’ve logged in.  You’ll be on the browse page.  Click on My Music to the right of that.  My Music Amazon

Upload Your Google Play Music

Now we’ll tell you how to upload your Google Play Music to the Amazon Music application so; you can listen to it through your Amazon Echo.

Before proceeding, we must tell you that you can only add up to 250 songs to the Amazon Music app for free.  If you want to upload up 250,00 songs, you’ll have to subscribe to Amazon Music which is $7.99 a month for Prime members.

Now let’s get to uploading some Google Play Music to the Amazon music app, shall we?

If your Google Play music collection lives on your computer, you can upload it directly through the Amazon Music app.  Move your pointer over to the right of the Amazon Music app then, drag and drop your music files or select the folder they’re located in on your computer.                                                                                                                              Upload Music Amazon

That’s how you get the Amazon music app and upload your Google play Music when you want access to it right from your Echo Dot and use Alexa.

Use Bluetooth for Google Play Music

So, here is the more direct and less convoluted way of playing your Google Play Music through your Amazon Echo (I am using an Echo Dot just FYI).  Open the Alexa application on your Smartphone or mobile device.

  • Tap on the three horizontal lines in the upper left of the Alexa app.                                                                                                                                      Alexa app menu
  • Then, tap on Settings.                                                                                                                                                Alexa app Settings
  • Next, tap on your Amazon Echo device and the following screen tap Bluetooth.                                   Alexa app echo bluetooth
  • Select Pair a New device.                                                                                                                                          Pair Bluetooth Echo
  • Make sure you’ve turned Bluetooth on on your smartphone or tablet.  Alternatively, go into the Bluetooth settings on your device and select your Amazon Echo under my devices.  Alexa audibly lets you know when your smartphone or tablet has paired with your Amazon Echo.

When you’ve successfully paired your device to the Amazon Echo, just go to the Google Play Music application and start playing your music.  It can be heard coming from your Amazon Echo.  You can control volume manually on the Amazon Echo or right from your smartphone or tablet.

There you have it.  Now use the Amazon Music application to upload your Google Play music collection and listen to it through your Amazon Echo.  Or if, you’d prefer, use a Bluetooth connection between your mobile device and your Amazon Echo and play Google Play music right from the Google Play Music app.

Posted by Heather on January 10, 2017

10 thoughts on “How To Use Your Google Play Music Library with Amazon Echo”

Jason says:
Also. Legality. That’s the reason. Raise your hand if all 2k songs you have in Google play were ripped from CDs that you own… Crickets…. Amazon is not going to go out of their way to create a link to a competitors system knowing that they offer the same service and most of the content on the competitors system. 83% at last check.. Is illegal content.

Amazon prime has enough benefits to make the $99 per year cost worth it for me. I still use play music on the road, but at home I just ask her to play “musicians name, station” and get to hear all the songs I own, plus some new ones I can thumb up and down.

Mike says:
You say how to load your Google music to Amazon music if it’s on your computer, but don’t say what to do if it’s not on your computer. If the answer is “download it”, then this isn’t really how you get Google music into Amazon music, but how you get music from your computer into Amazon music. Unfortunately, that defeats the point of putting it in Google music in the first place.
Karen Miller says:
Thank you, Heather!! You are my hero!!! My music is bluetoothing perfectly with my Samsung Galaxy S8+…Sounds great!!
Keith, I agree with you 100%! Shame on all these different companies for their “small” charges for using their music storage/playing clouds for music we’ve already paid for!!
Keith says:
I believe Amazon is hurting their business by not permitting you to connect to your home music library by using Echo voice commands. If I got into habit of listening to music through my echo I may end up purchasing music from amazon. But as it is, there is no way I am paying a subscription fee for the privilege of listening to my own music files!
Jason says:
I don’t think Amazon really cares. They own the smart assistant market with the worst voice assistant. Quantity over quality at this point while people still make more skills.
Soon someone will make a skill for what you want. Someone is already making “geemusic” as a bridge and will release it as a skill soon. But in the meantime, anyone that has an echo and doesn’t have Amazon prime.. Well…I dunno why you don’t.
I have thousands of songs in Google play music and I still use it when I travel, but in reality it’s just as easy to ask echo to play a station as it is to listen to music I haven’t kept updated.
Heather says:
Thank you, Vinod. I appreciate it.
Vinod Ramani says:
Heather has taken the trouble to explain these methods in detail. We should thank her.
Great job, Heather.
Stephen says:
Just to clarify: using bluetooth to connect your phone to your Echo doesn’t mean you can use voice commands to change the track on Google Play Music, right?

I mean, it’s exactly the same as buying a $2 bluetooth dongle, plugging it into your computer or other media device, and selecting which song to play on your phone, isn’t it?

Or can you actually say, “Alexa, play “?

Fake Name says:
You cannot tell Alexa to play a particular track, but you can tell Alexa to skip tracks and pause over Bluetooth.
Mike says:
kind of hard to trust the veracity of a review when the author does not understand that the word there and the word their are NOT the same. so when in the first paragraph the author writes, “theirs a way to get your Google Play music library into the Amazon Music app.”

The contraction of there is is there’s, not theirs.

There’s a good song on the radio.
There’s only one chocolate left in the box.

You cannot contract there are.

There are three birds on the roof.
There are only five days until my birthday.

Everyone makes mistakes but to not proof read before posting an article let alone relying totally on spell check?

Heather says:
Hey Mike,
No need to be harsh. I don’t rely completely on a spell checker. It was a simple error. I’m a human being. Thanks for pointing it out. Cheers!
Jonathan says:
You are reading a free article that gives people technical advice, not Shakespeare. Some people have better things to do than meticulously combing over every syllable before posting something. BTW Mike, before you criticize someone’s writing skills, why don’t you proofread your own work first? You will find a number of mistakes in your comment.
Nate K says:
Bluetooth is the way to go since Amazon music limits you to 250 songs for free and Google allows much much more for free.
Jason says:
What songs do you have that aren’t available through Amazon prime??? $99 a year and includes, books, music, movies, etc that can be used on your echo and fire TV sticks… That’s not even Amazon unlimited. Just prime.
Steve says:
None of these *horrid* hacks are acceptable. Why can’t Amazon and Google stop behaving like spoilt children (or Apple) and realise that their customers want their products to work with each other. I have an Echo because it was available when the Google equivalent was not. I have Google Music for the same reason, not to mention I have an Android phone. There are no technical barriers to having the Echo work with Google Music – only the egos of the companies involved.
Nic says:
Tibor says:
Totally agree with you Steve, same shit here. 2000 tracks on Google Play and Alexa at home. I’m going to sell Dot and take Google Home. Yes, price doc vs google but music is music.

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