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How To Create, Edit And Delete Alarm Clock On LG G7

How To Create, Edit And Delete Alarm Clock On LG G7

Having a built-in Alarm clock feature on our smartphones is such a useful feature for many. This means that you don’t need to bring along an alarm clock whenever you travel and are in a different time zone. Alarms not only wake you up in the morning a get you ready for the day but they can also serve as reminders for important events. The clock can be used as a timer or a stopwatch as well.

Clocks also store times from different time zones that are important to you that you can use for reference. This is useful when you think about calling or sending a message to your Mom for example who lives in a different time zone. You will be reminded that it may be daytime for you but midnight for your Mom who lives in another part of the globe. The Snooze feature also helps when you need that extra rest when you are tired from being up all night.

We list down instructions on how you can set, edit and delete the alarm clock app with its built-in widget on your G7.

Manage Alarms

To come up with a new alarm tap Apps > Clock > Create. Tinker with the options below to your preferred settings.

  • Time: Tap on the Up or Down arrows to choose the time your alarm will sound. Tap AM/PM to set time of the day
  • Repeat: Choose which days you want your alarm to repeat. Tick the Repeat weekly box to repeat the alarm on your chosen days weekly
  • Alarm type: Choose the way your alarm sounds when activated(Sound, Vibration or Vibration and Sound)
  • Alarm tone: Get to choose the sound file played when the alarm is activated
  • Volume: Get to choose the sound level for your alarm by dragging the slider to higher or lower
  • Snooze: Tap on the toggle to turn On or Off the snooze feature. Tap on Snooze to adjust the settings and set your choice of Interval(3, 5, 10, 15, or 30 minutes) and Repeat ( 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 times)
  • Name: Personalize the name of your alarm by choosing a name for it. This will appear on the screen when the alarm sounds.

Setting the Snooze Feature

If your alarm goes off and you would want an added minute or two before you get up and get ready, you can turn on the Snooze feature by touching and swiping the yellow “ZZZ” sign. Take note that the Snooze feature must first be set in the alarm settings for you to enjoy this feature.

Deleting an Alarm

For those who want to delete an alarm on your G7 just go to the alarm menu. Proceed to tap and hold the alarm that you want to erase and tap Delete. If you just want to turn it off and save it for later use then touch the “Clock”

Turning Off an Alarm

If you want an alarm turned off just Touch and Swipe the red “X” in any direction.

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