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How to Install a Security Camera

How to Install a Security Camera

Installing a security camera on your property is always a good idea. It gives you peace of mind knowing your family members, pets, and belongings are protected from intruders at all times. If you’re new to the security camera world, one of the first things you’ll need to learn is how to install a security camera.

The process of installation largely depends on the type of security camera you choose. This article will explain how to install different security cameras and discuss whether it’s possible to install them on your own. Are Security Cameras Hard to Install?

Install Cameras

Most security cameras come with an installation manual, which simplifies the process significantly. Still, the answer to this question isn’t straightforward. What may be easy for one person can be difficult for others, depending on their skillset and relevant knowledge.

With this in mind, some security cameras are generally easier to install than others. The factor that plays a crucial role here is the camera’s power source. Security cameras can be divided into two categories: wired and wireless.

Wired cameras are connected to the internet and powered by a cable. While this enables excellent image and video quality and offers a reliable connection, it makes the installation process trickier.

Wireless cameras can also be powered by a cable, but they use Wi-Fi to connect to the network. Keep in mind a wireless camera isn’t wire-free; it just uses a wireless internet connection. When a wireless camera runs on batteries instead of being plugged into a power source, it’s called a wire-free camera. Because they only require a power source, wireless cameras offer a quick and easy installation.

How to Install a Wired Security Camera

Security Camera

As mentioned, this type of security camera is connected to the internet with wires. Since most of them need to be hardwired into your house, installation can get quite complicated. Plus, they need to be connected to both the internet and a power source, limiting the areas where you can install them.

Here’s how installing a wired security camera typically looks:

  1. Find a suitable and stable spot on the wall.
  2. Double-check for existing wiring in the wall. You don’t want to drill a hole and damage some of the wires.
  3. Drill holes. Be careful about their size. The holes should be big enough to fit a wire but not too big to compromise installing the mounting. Some cameras come with a drilling template to ease this process and reduce the possibility of making a mistake.
  4. Pull the wiring through the wall to connect it to the correct source.
  5. Connect the end of the cable to the camera. We recommend securing the connection with electrical tape.
  6. Set up the camera mounting.
  7. Connect everything together and set up the camera interface.

Unless you’re really handy or are comfortable using different tools and drilling holes in your house, we highly recommend hiring a professional to install the cameras. Making a mistake in this process could result in serious injuries or damage your property’s wiring. Plus, to complete the installation, you’ll need a wide range of tools you may not have. Purchasing the tools solely for installing one camera is an unnecessary expense you can avoid by hiring professionals.

How to Install a Wireless Security Camera

Wireless security cameras aren’t hardwired into your house, which gives you more flexibility in terms of their location. These cameras can be easily installed both inside and outside, and you can even move them to different places. With wireless cameras, you don’t have to run cables through your walls or climb to your ceiling. All you need is a power outlet (if you don’t have a wire-free camera), and you’re good to go.

Here’s how to install a wireless security camera:

  1. Find the right spot for your camera. Ensure it’s close enough to a power source if the camera doesn’t work on batteries. Plus, be careful that the area you choose has a strong Wi-Fi signal. Otherwise, the camera will often lose connectivity, which affects its functionality.
  2. Double-check for existing wiring in the wall and drill holes for the mounting.
  3. Connect the camera to your Wi-Fi network.
  4. Place the camera onto the mounting.

As you can see, installing a wireless camera is a relatively straightforward process. Generally, you don’t need a professional for installing this type of camera. But if you don’t feel confident enough to do it yourself, getting help is always advisable.

How Much Does It Cost to Have Security Cameras Professionally Installed?

The cost of installing security cameras varies depending on the number and type of cameras. Since wired cameras are harder to install, it will cost you between $150 and $200 to have a professional install one. If you want a wireless security camera, hiring a professional to install it costs around $100.

Keep in mind these are the average costs of installing a single camera. If you want to set up an entire home security system, you may have to spend around $1,500 on installation.

Additional FAQs

Do I Need a Permit to Install Security Cameras?

In most cases, you don’t need a permit to install security cameras. There are a few exceptions: If your property is listed, you’ll need a listing building consent. Moreover, if you’re renting the property where you want to install security cameras, you’ll need permission from the owner.

The situation gets more complicated if you’re installing security cameras and alarms. In most cities, you’ll need to obtain an alarm permit. This permit gives you a unique registration number that puts your property on the map for emergency responders. In case the alarm goes off, the number enables the responders to contact you and check on the situation quickly.

If you don’t have the alarm permit, you’ll pay high fines if there’s a false alarm. To obtain it, you’ll need to pay between $25 and $100, depending on your area.

Ensure Your Safety With Security Cameras

Whether you want to monitor your family members and pets or ensure no intruders lurk around your property, security cameras are an excellent choice. The installation process mainly varies by camera type. It’s much easier to install a wireless or wire-free camera since they don’t require working with wires. If you’re not comfortable dealing with installation by yourself, don’t hesitate to contact professionals.

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