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How to Fix the Huawei P9 Keeps Restarting Problem

How to Fix the Huawei P9 Keeps Restarting Problem

Some users of the Huawei P9 smartphone have reported that their phone keeps restarting itself over and over. In this article I will present some basic troubleshooting tips to help you diagnose and fix the problem where your Huawei P9 smartphone restarts itself several times in a row. Note that if your Huawei P9 is still under warranty when it develops this problem, you can have it serviced or replaced by Huawei tech support.

There are three basic reasons that this problem can develop. One, a new app that you installed may be causing the phone to repeatedly crash and reboot. Another possibility is that the phone’s battery has become defective and can no longer provide the power needed to keep the phone operating, and so it keeps shutting off and turning back on. Finally, a bad firmware update could cause this problem.

If the battery is defective, there is nothing an end user can do except to get the phone serviced and have a new battery installed. However, if the problem is in the software, you can resolve those issues yourself.

If the phone’s firmware has been corrupted, you can fix this by performing a factory reset on the device. Check out this article on how to factory reset the Huawei P9. Remember that if you do a factory reset, you will lose all of the data on your phone, so be sure to back it up first.

If an application you have recently installed is causing the problem, try uninstalling the application. If your Huawei P9 is so unstable that you cannot successfully uninstall the recently-added app, then you will have to boot your phone into Safe Mode. Safe Mode is a special operating mode on your P9 that only runs the most basic applications, preventing a user-installed application from causing problems. By booting into safe mode, you will be able to uninstall the troublesome app.

How to boot your Huawei P9 into Safe Mode:

  1. Power off the Huawei P9 completely.
  2. Hold the power on/off button until the phone reboots.
  3. When the screen displays the Huawei start logo, immediately press and hold the volume down button.
  4. When the phone queries you for your PIN, there will be a menu option at the bottom left of your screen that says “Safe Mode”.
  5. Tap “Safe Mode” and your P9 should boot to safe mode.

Do you have any other tips or techniques for diagnosing problems with your Huawei P9 smartphone? Share them with us in the comments

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Jan 1, 2019

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