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Katawa Shoujo 2 Developed by Music Box Studios Is The Katawa Shoujo Sequel

Katawa Shoujo 2 Developed by Music Box Studios Is The Katawa Shoujo Sequel

For those who love Katawa Shoujo, there seems to be news that Four Leaf Studios will be creating a sequel called Katawa Shoujo 2. For those who don’t know about the Japanese single player game, the katawa shoujo walkthrough is of a young man with cardiac dysrhythmia who was forced to attend Yamaku High School, a school for children with various health problems. While at the high school falls in love with one of five girls, all of which also have different medical issues. You can find more information about the details behind on the Katawa Shoujo Wiki Page.
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Katawa Shoujo faced some controversy and was not expected to release Katawa Shoujo version 2. Based on the the Katawa Shoujo Reddit Page, it seems like the Katawa Shoujo sequel will be released. Even with all the touchy issues that the game surrounded, it allows gamers to turn the adult content on or off. But a new developer will be under control of Katawa Shoujo version 2 since Katawa Shoujo was made under the Creative Commons license. The name of the new developer group is called Music Box Studios and the have released statement stating that their game would be more of a spiritual successor to Katawa Shoujo, set in the same school but following an entirely new storyline. It will not retain the same name, but the project is moving forward.
This has people speculating that maybe the game could even be called Katawa Shoujo 3, skipping a generation. Music Box Studios has said that the development for the game has already started, but there is no exact time frame on when the game will be released. The good news is that that the sequel to Katawa Shoujo will be free.
There is a lovely teaser entry which suggests this entry’s hero will be an existing student at Yamaku whose story will be told at the same time as Hisao’s. Also, Music Box Studios is considering a female route with gender-swapped characters.

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