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OnePlus 5: Turn Safe Mode ON Or OFF

OnePlus 5: Turn Safe Mode ON Or OFF

The new OnePlus 5 comes with a lot of amazing features and one of them is the Safe Mode option. The safe mode option provides a user with the access to basic functions with all the default apps so as to be able to fix any troubleshooting issue. Also, the safe mode option is the solution if any of your third party apps start misbehaving.
There are some users of the OnePlus 5 unfamiliar with Safe Mode. The Safe Mode feature provides an entirely different OnePlus 5 platform that gives access to safely uninstall apps and remove bugs. Safe Mode comes in handy when you suspect that an app isn’t functioning properly and you cannot uninstall on normal mode. All you need to do is to put the OnePlus 5 in safe mode and you will be able to easily uninstall it without causing damage to your device. After the problem has been solved, you can exit safe mode and start using your device as normal. The tips below will make you understand how to put your OnePlus 5 in Safe Mode:

How to Put Your OnePlus 5 Safe Mode On:

  1. Power off your OnePlus 5
  2. Simultaneously press and hold the following three buttons: Power, Home and Volume Down
  3. If the process was successful, a ‘Safe Mode’ logo will appear on your screen (bottom left)
  4. Release your finger from the Volume down key
  5. You can now check the functionality of your apps and uninstall any that are problematic
  6. Reboot to exit Safe Mode

It’s crucial to point that when you put your OnePlus 5 in safe mode all third-party apps and services will be disabled until you are out of Safe mode. The advantage of this is that it makes it easier to get into the device quickly, activate and deactivate whatever you need to, then restart.

Three Ways of Getting OnePlus 5 out of Safe Mode:

  • Restart your OnePlus 5 and it will return to normal mode
  • Activate Recovery Mode
  • You can also Remove the battery and insert it back after 5 minutes

Some users have reported that old models of the OnePlus will require that you touch and hold the volume down key to exit safe mode just the way it was activated.
The tips above will help you understand how you can enter “Safe Mode” on your OnePlus 5. It will also help you when you are having issues with apps on your OnePlus 5. This will help you to spot the rogue app and uninstall them securely without harming to your OnePlus 5.

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