Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Alarm Clock Setting Manuel

Looking for a guide to set up an alarm clock on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8? If you are, you’ve come to the right place. The alarm clock on the Galaxy Note 8 is filled with features, but finding it and setting it up for the first time can be a hassle. Thankfully, once you’ve read our guide on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 alarm clock, you’ll find it easy to do again in the future.
Traditional alarm clocks are outdated – nowadays most of us use our smartphone. If you’re like many others, then this guide will help you to learn how to use the alarm clock on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.
Learn how to set up alarms, edit them, and switch them off easily below. Also learn how to set up the snooze feature and make other adjustments to the Galaxy Note 8 alarm clock.
Manage Alarms
To create a new alarm, first open the app menu, then tap clock, then tap create. Learn about the options for creating an alarm below.

  • Time: Use this to change the time the alarm goes off. You can use the up and down arrows to change hour/minute, and the AM/PM button to change to night/day.
  • Alarm repeat: This gives you the option to set which days the alarm repeats. Useful for setting up a regular work alarm.
  • Alarm type: Use this to set how the alarm goes off. Either with Sound, Vibration, or both Vibration and sound.
  • Alarm tone: Use this option to choose the tone or song that gets played when the alarm goes off.
  • Alarm volume: Use this to change the alarm volume.
  • Snooze: You must first use the ON/OFF toggle to turn Snooze on. After that, you can control how Snooze works. You can set the interval (how long before the alarm goes off again after a Snooze) and also the repeat (how long you can repeat the Snooze before the option is unavailable.)
  • Name: Finally, use this option to choose the name of the alarm. This name will appear on the screen when the alarm goes off.

Setting the Snooze Feature
Once an alarm goes off, hold your finger on the yellow ‘ZZ’ sleeping icon and then swipe your finger to enable the Snooze feature.
Deleting an Alarm
To delete an alarm that you have created in the past, go to the alarm menu mentioned before. Next, hold your finger on the alarm you’d like to delete. This will highlight a ‘delete’ option. Tap ‘delete’ and the alarm will be deleted.
Turning Off an Alarm
When an alarm goes off you can hold your finger on the red ‘X’ button and then swipe it to turn it off.

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