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How To Take a Screenshot with the iPhone X

How To Take a Screenshot with the iPhone X

In previous models of iPhone all you needed to do to take a screenshot was hold down the power button and home button. Now with the lack of home button and the power button now called the side button, how do you take a screenshot with the iPhone X?

The iPhone X has gone down extremely well despite its hefty price tag. It has an awesome screen, great design, powerful hardware and a very impressive set of cameras. As we seem a little image obsessed right now, screenshots, selfies and images play an important part in how we use our smartphones. These new features make good use of the iPhone X screen and capabilities while being intuitive enough to master quickly.

Take a screenshot with the iPhone X

Taking screenshots is part of owning a smartphone. While we may not say ‘screenshot or it didn’t happen’ anymore, there is still the requirement of evidence for anything interesting or to help you remember things.

Here’s how to take a screenshot with the iPhone X:

  1. Open the screen you want to capture.
  2. Press and hold the side button (what used to be called the power button).
  3. Press volume up on the left side of the phone.

If you time it right, the screen should flash white briefly and the camera shutter sound will play. This tells you that you successfully took the screenshot.

New screenshot editing options

As well as a new way to take screenshots, the iPhone X and more specifically, iOS 11 offers new ways to edit them. You can leave them be if you got what you needed but you can also send it to someone as a Share Sheet or use Markup to edit it in a range of ways.

When taken, the screenshot appears in the bottom left of the screen. You can leave it alone for it to appear in your Camera Roll or tap it to edit. You can also tap and hold to add it as a Share Sheet for sharing. All these options appear as a standalone operation without having to leave the screen or enter your Camera Roll.

Share a screenshot as a Share Sheet

To share a screenshot as a Share Sheet in iOS 11, press and hold the image as it appears in the lower left of the screen. This brings up the sharing options.

  1. Take your screenshot by pressing and holding the side button and pressing volume up.
  2. As the image appears in the bottom left, press and hold the image.
  3. Select how you want to share it, email, message, Facebook etc.
  4. Add a message if you want to and hit Send.

Depending on what you wanted the screenshot for, you can delete it from the sharing window by selecting it and tapping Delete Screenshot.

Use screenshot Markup on the iPhone X

Screenshot Markup is a new option that allows you to play with screenshots before you save or share them. There are a few editing options you can use to add elements to the shot for use elsewhere or on your phone.

  1. Take your screenshot by pressing and holding the side button and pressing volume up.
  2. As the image appears in the bottom left, press to select it.
  3. Select a Markup tool and edit as you see fit.

The Markup tools appear at the bottom of the screen and you can use them individually to create whatever effect you’re looking for. There is a crop tool for resizing, marker tool for adding markup, highlighter to digitally highlight, a pencil to add gray lines, an eraser to remove any markup you added, a lasso move any edits, a color tool to change the color of your markup, a text tool to add words, a signature tool to add your signature, a magnifier tool so you can get into the detail and a shape tool to add boxes, speech bubbles and other shapes.

Markup is essentially like a mini image editor with basic functions for each working as you imagine they might. Once you have completed your markups you can save or share the image directly from the window. Select the option at the bottom to either share using a Share Sheet or save to your phone as you need. You can also delete directly from the markup screen should you wish.

Taking a screenshot with the iPhone X differs slightly from previous versions but is still accessible and simple to do. With iOS 11 you now also have some more powerful ways to edit those screenshots. A neat addition to the phone I think!

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