Add a Better Uninstaller to Windows 10

Windows 10, and any other platform, has its own uninstaller you can remove software with. However, that doesn’t always include every software package installed. So if you can’t find the software you’re going to remove listed there, you could try out some alternative third-party uninstaller programs. Even if you can remove the program with the default uninstaller in Windows 10, you still might want to check out some of these utilities that include more options.

Revo Uninstaller

Revo Uninstaller is a great program to remove software with. Revo Uninstaller Pro has the most extensive options, but there is also a freeware version you can add to Windows 10. Open this website page and click the FREE DOWNLOAD button there beside Revo Uninstaller Freeware to save its setup. Then add the program to Windows with the setup wizard.

Open the Revo Uninstaller window in the shot directly below, and click the Uninstall button at the top left to open a list of software (note that it takes a minute or two to fully load the list). It might show you your software with an icon list by default, but you can select alternative displays by clicking the View button. Click the small arrow beside that button and then select Details to open a more detailed list of your software with multiple columns for size, version details, etc.

revo uninstall

The details view is probably the best because then you can organize the software list by clicking the column headings. For instance, to display the list from A – Z click the Application column heading. Alternatively, click the Size column heading to show the software that takes up the most hard disk space at the top of the list.

If you can’t find a program listed there, try using the search bar at the top left. Enter the software title in the search text box. Then it will show you any software packages that match the keyword entered.

To remove a program from Windows, right-click it on the Revo Uninstaller list to open the context menu shown below. That includes an Uninstall option which you can remove software with. So click that option and then press Yes to continue.

revo unistall2

When you select Yes, the window directly below opens. That includes four uninstall modes for you to choose from. Select the Moderate or Advanced radio buttons for a more thorough removal of the software. However, the other options will remove the program more quickly. Then click Next to remove the software from Windows.

revo uninstall3

Click Tools to open extra Revo Uninstaller options as below. There you can select an Autorun Manager to remove startup items with. Click Windows Tools to open some handy shortcuts to system tools. Or click Junk Files Cleaner that you can run a scan with to delete junk files by pressing the Scan button at the top of the window. When the scan is done, just select the check boxes and press the Delete button to erase the junk files.

revo unintall4

Revo Uninstaller also has a novel Hunter Mode option you can remove running software with. Click the Hunter Mode button on the toolbar to close the main window and open the target circle in the snapshot directly below.

revo uninstall9

Then left-click on that target to open the menu in the snapshot below that includes an Uninstall option. Click that option to remove the software that’s open behind the target circle. For example, if the VLC media player was the active window behind the target circle, it would uninstall that program.

revo uninstall11

IObit Uninstaller

IObit Uninstaller is a good alternative to Revo Uninstaller that has a variety of options for removing software from Windows 10. You can add a freeware and Pro version of IObit Uninstaller to Windows. Open this Softpedia page and click DOWNLOAD to save its Zip file. Then right-click the Zip in File Explorer and select Extract All from the context menu to extract it. You can open the software’s window below from the extracted file.

revo uninstall4

Click All Programs to open a list of your software. That includes all the programs you can remove with IObit Uninstaller and software size, install date and version details. On the left of the window you can select Recently Installed, Large Programs and Infrequently Used to filter the software list based on those categories.

To remove a program from Windows, select it on the list and press the Uninstall button. Then click Uninstall again to confirm the selection. First, it will do a standard uninstall; and then you can select a Powerful Scan option to clean remaining residual files from the program.

You can also remove toolbars and extensions from your browsers with IObit Uninstaller. Click Toolbars and Plug-ins on the left of the window to open a list of all your toolbars and extension as shown below. Then select a toolbar or extension check box there and press Remove to remove it.

revo uninstall5

Batch Uninstall is another handy option included in IObit Uninstall. With that you can remove multiple software packages at once from Windows. Click the Batch Uninstall check box at the top right of the window to enable it. Then you can select multiple programs to remove by clicking their check boxes. Press the Uninstall button to remove all the selected software packages.

revo unintall5

For further settings, click the Options button at the top right of the window and select Settings. That opens the window in the snapshot directly below. Click the White radio button there and OK to switch the IObit Uninstaller theme to white.

revo unintall6

Menu Uninstall Ultra

Menu Uninstall Ultra doesn’t have so many options to remove software packages with. However, with this software you can quickly remove programs from Windows by selecting an Uninstall option on their context menus. So that’s a handy option to have on the context menu.

Press the Download Free Version button on this page to save its Zip file to Windows 10. Then you can extract that Zip as before and open its setup from the extracted folder. When you’ve finished the setup, right-click a software shortcut on the desktop as below.

revo uninstall7

The context menu now includes an Uninstall option on it. Select that to open the window shown the snapshot directly below. Then press Start and give the software a rating. Click the Start button again to remove the selected program from Windows.

revo uninstall8

So those are three uninstallers you can add to Windows 10 and other platforms. Both Revo Uninstaller and IObit Uninstaller have more extensive options than those included in the default uninstaller in Windows. With Menu Uninstall Ultra you can quickly remove programs directly from the desktop. So it’s worth having at least one of those programs on Windows 10.

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