The Best Online Tutoring Sites [July 2019]

We all need a little help from time to time, especially when dealing with dense and esoteric subjects. It makes sense, then, that an abundance of options exists in the field of online tutoring services. This abundance, however, is a double-edged sword. So many options can cause choice paralysis, and wasting time comparing tutor credentials is counterproductive.

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place to make this decision a pain-free experience. Below, you will find a list of the best online tutoring services and the criteria which were used to evaluate them.

What to Look For

Before we get into the list, here are a few words about the important indicators to be aware of when deciding on a tutoring service. First and foremost are the qualifications of the tutors. Little good will come from spending money on educators who are unfamiliar with the material they teach or lack the skills to instruct students. The tutor selection procedures of each service should be of chief concern when choosing one.

what to look for

Furthermore, a curriculum that matches the students’ needs should be considered. Many of the best services will have a broad collection of subjects to choose from, but some are more specialized in certain subjects than in others. Generally speaking, a good tutoring website should provide test prep for admissions testing and require advanced degrees from their tutors.

Finally, try to look for a service that has a well-designed, intuitive platform that is easy to use. Limited resources are also an issue, and getting the best value for the money you spend will largely depend on a proper balance of the aforementioned touchstones.


Wyzant focuses on matching students with the perfect tutor to fit their needs. To do this, they have extensive profiles for all their instructors. You can learn about the instructors’ fields of study, their previous work, and the research they have done. The profiles are written by the instructors themselves. A few framing questions will provide you with a list of potential instructors to work with.

They have tutors in just about every area of study and their qualification process is very well-regarded. Once you find a tutor you like, you can talk to them via text and see if they can help with exactly what you need. The tutors even post articles and answer expert questions, so you can get a sense of their experience and approach. The pricing will depend on the level of the tutor you choose, but you can expect premium instructors to charge premium prices.


This service has a great track record for attracting qualified mathematics instructors. Skooli has tutors for many subjects, but they predominantly concentrate on math. You can find an educator for any level of study, from elementary to college and postgraduate. They also have a mobile app, allowing you to take instruction anywhere over your device.

Skooli’s pricing structure is very appealing for students who don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to a lesson. The price for a tutor will vary, but students can pay by the minute, so a short refresher doesn’t have to cost you a full hour of the tutor’s time. The interface on their app and digital classroom is very accessible and intuitive, so most students will have no problem understanding how to use it.


If longevity on the market is any indication, Chegg is one of the better options out there. They have operated since 2012 (under a different name) and have seen steady growth throughout the years. Chegg attracts great instructors, but some of them are still undergraduates. If certification is important to you, that will reduce the pool of available tutors. They’re a full educational platform and have a book rental and purchase service as well.

Chegg is well-known for having great instruction in business areas. If you need help with management or finance questions, chances are you will find a good fit. The basic plans are very affordable, and they also have pay-as-you-go options. They’ll help you find a tutor just by asking a question that you’re having trouble with.


Smarthinking is a service owned and operated by the learning industry giant, Pearson. Out of the options on this list, this one is likely to have the most qualified tutors. Their tutors are required to have at least a Master’s degree in their area of study and several years of experience in education and instruction. Pearson’s reputation is to provide top of the line service for a justified price, so this will also likely be the most expensive option.

They have on-demand online tutoring plans which can be accessed from their mobile app and also provide several levels of essay and resume reviews. Online tutoring can be purchased in increments of four hours for $125. You’re free to coordinate those four hours at any point during the subsequent four months after purchase. If the price isn’t a major concern, Smarthinking is a very reliable option with highly proficient tutors.


Learning Is Essential to Growth

Hopefully, this brief overview of tutoring services will help you make an educated choice. It isn’t an exhaustive list of what’s available, but it will very likely have a great match for you or your students. Overall, the best-rated tutoring service is Wyzant, but it may not be perfect for you. However, keep in mind that perfect is the enemy of the good, so your time may be much better served committing to a service that will be adequate.

Which subjects present the biggest challenge for you? Has tutoring helped you grasp them better? Let us know in the comments below.

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