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How You Can Fix LG G7 Bad Battery

Some users of the LG G7 have been complaining of fast battery drain on their device. Bad battery life can be frustrating to any smartphone user, and it makes your device less enjoyable. If you own an LG G7 and you are experiencing issues with your battery, I’m sure you will like to know how you can fix it. There are times when a bad battery can be as a result of third-party apps that have gone rogue, and it can also be a result of Android software bugs that need to be fixed. In this article, I will explain some methods to fix a bad battery on your LG G7.

Reboot or Reset LG G7

Most of the time, the most effective way of fixing a bad battery life on your LG G7 is to do a factory reset. Using this process to fix the issue also gives you a fresh start on your device. You can do this by following this guide on How to Factory Reset LG G7.

Disable Or Manage Background Sync

There are times when some apps run in the background of your device even when you are not using them. These apps can also be the reason why you are experiencing fast battery drain on your LG G7. The most effective way to solve this issue is to close these apps as soon as you are done using them. You can do this by using your finger to pull down on your screen to access the quick settings option and then tap Sync to disable it.

Alternatively, you can locate Settings on your LG G7, click on Accounts and deactivate the Sync option for apps that you are not using. Most of the time, social media apps like Facebook are always the usual suspect of fast battery drain, disabling background sync for apps like this will improve the status of your battery life.

Disable Wi-Fi

Another feature that greatly affects your LG G7 battery life is the Wi-Fi. It can easily drain your battery if it’s left on all day. As soon as you are done using your Wi-Fi connection, it’s advisable to switch off your Wi-Fi. Also, whenever you are using mobile data to access the internet, remember to switch off Wi-Fi. You can simply enable it again when needed.

Use LG G7 Power-Saving Mode

Your LG G7 has a “Power saving mode” feature that greatly helps in maintaining your battery life. This feature has some important options that can make your battery stay longer. It has options like the ability to restrict background data and limit performance. It also allows you to switch off your GPS feature and your device backlit keys. What’s more, it can lower your screen frame rate and also monitor your device processor to make sure that your devices stay on for as long as possible. You can activate the Power Saving Mode manually, or you can set your LG G7 to switch it on automatically when your battery charge status reaches a certain level.  

Disable LTE, Location, Bluetooth

Another reason for fast battery drain is using your LG G7 to access the internet, switching on location tracking, your Bluetooth feature, and your LTE internet. We all know how important these services are, but it’s not every time we use them. It’s reasonable to switch off these services as soon as you are done with them. This is to reserve your battery for more important activities. If you want to switch off your GPS and but don’t know, you may switch to Power Saving Mode. This automatically switches off your GPS, LTE, Location and other battery hungry functions.

Replace TouchWiz Launcher

The preinstalled TouchWiz launcher on your LG G7 is another big silent battery killer. And to make it worse, it consumes a lot of your memory and also runs in the background when you are not using it. I will advise that you uninstall if you realize that your battery is draining fast. There are other alternatives such as Nova Launcher which performs better and does not consume your battery.

Reduce Tethering

The last thing you should check is the amount of tethering that is done with your LG G7. The tethering feature is a fantastic way of connecting other devices to the internet. But, this feature can also drain your battery as quickly as possible. You can switch off this feature or reduce the amount of time it’s used.

LG G7 Bluetooth Pairing

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