How To Change Languages On LG G7

There are users of the LG G7 that will like to know how they can alter the language settings on their device. I’m sure you will be glad to now that your LG G7 supports various languages. Most of the popular languages in the world are available on your LG G7. You are allowed to set languages Spanish, Korean, German, French or any other language as your language. It’s also crucial to let you know that the new language that you pick will affect all apps and user interface settings and third-party apps as well. The only aspect of your LG G7 that you will need to change the language separately is the keyboard. If you will like to know how you can alter the language on your LG G7 and also change the keyboard language, I will explain below.

How to Change Language on LG G7

  1. Power on your LG G7
  2. Tap on Settings on the home screen
  3. Click on ‘My Device’ option located at the top of the screen
  4. You can now choose the ‘Language and input’ option below r the Input and control subheading
  5. On the list at the top of the screen, tap on Language
  6. Choose the new language you wish to set as the standard language for the LG G7

How to alter the keyboard language on LG G7

  1. Power on your LG G7
  2. Click on the Settings icon on the home screen
  3. Search for the ‘Language and input’ option below the System section
  4. Besides the keyboard, click on the gear icon and select the language you wish to use
  5. Mark the box placed beside the chosen language and unmark languages you don’t want any more
  6. You can now start using your keyboard with the new language use your to swipe sideways on your space bar to choose between keyboard languages that you have selected

I Can’t Find my Language

If you are unable to locate your language in the list of languages available, you will have to root your LG G7. Below I will explain how you can root your LG G7.

  1. Root your LG G7
  2. You can now Download and install MoreLocale 2
  3. Run the MoreLocale 2 and click on custom locale, near the top
  4. Click on the ISO639 and ISO3166 options to choose your country and language from the list, and then click on Set

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