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Will Netflix or Amazon Prime Pick Up Great News for Season 3?

Will Netflix or Amazon Prime Pick Up Great News for Season 3?

Will Netflix pick up Great News for season 3? After taking the rights to show it internationally as a Netflix Original, this NBC TV series seems to have come to a close. But is there more great news for Great News?

The show ran for two seasons on NBC before they broke their own news that there wouldn’t be a third. But is that it? Is this show something Netflix would pick up and continue?

Great News divided opinion when it was first released. The smart, incisive comedy drew criticism for being a remodeled 30 Rock combined with The Office and that criticism wasn’t entirely unwarranted. But you could say that any show is influenced by this other show or that other series. There is no such thing as a truly original story right now. What Great News is, is a smart, timely comedy about a mom and daughter trying to work out their relationship while working at the same TV station.

Great News TV series

Great News is based around a TV station and a mother-daughter relationship. The daughter works on an afternoon program called The Breakout and her mom joins the station as an intern. Cue the usual situations where child is embarrassed by her mom being around or being undermined with motherly wisdom.

The cast is good and the script is smart. Great News stars Briga Heelan as Katie Wendelson, Andrea Martin as Carol Wendelson, Adam Campbell as Greg Walsh, Nicole Richie as Portia Scott-Griffith, Horatio Sanz as Justin and John Michael Higgins as Chuck Pierce. It’s a good cast more than up to the task of carrying the show.

The script was clever and any child who has a parent that doesn’t fully understand boundaries or who has had difficulty letting go or not interfering will relate immediately. The rest of us have to work a little harder to get the show but it is more than worth the effort.

The first series of Great News does get off to a shaky start with patience required to see through those early show nerves to get to the real story. Some of the script was a little awkward and some of it was way over the top and a little silly. However, it is well worth the investment and by episode 3 or 4 you will be adding it to your list. At only 22 minutes, the episodes aren’t long but they are long enough to illicit an amused chortle if not outright laughter.

Why did NBC cancel Great News?

It has been a tough few months for TV shows of all kinds on all networks. Some unlikely shows have been canned and some unlikely shows commissioned for more episodes. Were I a showrunner or actor, I would be making sure my resume was well polished as this is not a time to be resting on laurels!

So why did NBC cancel Great News? Viewing figures I guess. Season one wasn’t great for numbers but season 2 barely managed 3 million viewers. Apparently, that was a drop of 11% on season 1. While the show soon gathered something of a cult following, that is no longer enough for the networks to continue producing a show.

Will Netflix pick up Great News?

Netflix has picked up Great News. To show the first two seasons internationally anyway. It will be shown in all Netflix territories as a Netflix Original for the next few months so you can catch up if you didn’t catch it first time round.

What about a series 3?

For once I think Netflix creating a series 3 of Great News is a good possibility. Firstly, the company only buys the rights to a show that is currently running. They then get all subsequent series to stream as part of that agreement. Secondly, NBC does pretty well with comedies. Friends and The Office did well elsewhere and translated across the world. While The Office was actually a reproduction of a British show, NBC remade it in our own image and went with it.

Both of those reasons mean there is a good chance Netflix will pick up Great News for a season 3. It isn’t guaranteed though as American humor doesn’t always translate well so international .

One more thing, picked up by someone else I asked about Netflix and Great News. Netflix bought the rights to the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt which was canned by NBC and continued by Netflix. Both also have Tina Fey as the producer. That tells us nothing on its own, but as part of the bigger picture, I think these elements could mean we get to see more of this show.

What do you think? Did you like Great News? Want to see more? Think Netflix will pick it up? Tell us your thoughts below!

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30 thoughts on “Will Netflix or Amazon Prime Pick Up Great News for Season 3?”

Al Dole says:
Make a Season 3 please!
Brittany says:
Please please please please bring back great news! 7 seasons won’t be enough for me, I can’t imagine a world that I have to keep watching 2 seasons over and over! I love everything about this show, hilarious!
Larry Mancini says:
Awesome show! Please someone pick this show up again! Best Sitcom in the last 10 years, easily!
best Show ever. please bring it back
Lorelei Gilmore says:
This show has spoiled me! Other shows are disappointing me now- I need more Great News!
Kate says:
Please bring it back. I’ve rewatched 30 rock, Kimmy Schmidt, parks and rec and the office WAY TOO MAMY TIMES. This would be the next show like that. NEED IT IN MY LIFE. I lol while watching it.
RGroves says:
Bring on Season 3. This is the funniest show that I can’t believe I didn’t know about before.
Mathilde Bernard says:
Please bring it back Netflix! We need it! It is such an amazing show!
Andrea Rios says:
I want this show again in my Life, pelease Netflix pleaseee. Do It. The BEST show.
Em Peah says:
Unique, quirkey.hilarious and fresh. The whole family is hooked, we watchvthem over and over. PLEASE bring it backl
Angela Vincent says:
Love love love this show. Please bring it back we need more seasons, many more. Such a great cast.
Izzy Hayden says:
yessss!!!! season 3! season 3! season 3! make it happen!!!
Giuseppe says:
I’ve loved Great News. I watched al the two seansons in one day. I wasn’t a le to stop watching it. We need the third sea sono and so more more
Christine says:
Love this show! Please add more seasons!
Lauren Arnold says:
My family loves this show! We laugh out loud every episode! The actors are amazing! The mother/daughter relationship is a unique and humorous dynamic. Netflix, please bring the sho back!
Sarah says:
The best show!! Please keep it going, Netflix!!
Vanessa Burt says:
I love, love this show;, I sincerely hope it continues. I usually laugh my ass off, especially in the season 2 episode written by Tina Fey. where the balloon was stuck up on a high ceiling and Carol makes it her mission to get it down. Full of killer lines and a timely message.
John Sawyer says:
Keep this show going or it’ll be such a disappointment. What if the office canceled on their second season. This T.V show is one of the best shows on Netflix. Don’t be stupid we all want more. You’re audience deserves to know what happens next you’re the ones that got us hooked in the first place…
Mary Haroldsen says:
Yes this show is awesome. I was hooked right away. I really hope they do more. They just don’t do enough good comedies anymore. This one is great.
Dannielle Obenchain says:
Yes please do at least 1 more season we need some closure. This show is amazingly funny!!
Sarah Coombe says:
Please bring out another series, I’ve really enjoyed this show! Cast are brilliant, and it’s so quirky and funny. Please bring it back Netflix, if there were a petition to sign I would!
Esma says:
I watched it recently on netflix and i think it is one of the best comedy series on netflix i definetly wanted more of this show. I love chuck and all the others they are so cute together.
Dana says:
I really hope Netflix picks up this quirky, funny show! I love all things Tina Fey and Nicole Richie is great on screen as well as all of the other characters! I think a big part of the reason shows fail these days is because more and more people are streaming versus watching Network television. It’s a different playing field than it was 10-15 years ago so unfortunately a lot of great shows get canned. Fingers crossed that they allow the show to go on!
Lisa H says:
Yes! We love Great News and want more!!
Dominick and Yas says:
It’s so funny to think other people love this show too. My husband rarely watches tv with me but the humor on this show had him dying which I love. The show is relevant and hilarious. I didn’t know it was even on tv before Netflix and I’ve been waiting to see the third season. Just start filming already Netflix and Tina. You know you want to.
Joan Norris says:
Please bring Great News back for more seasons, please, please, please!
Christine says:
Adrianne Sanderson says:
Make more!
Donna says:
Netflix! Pick up Great News!
It is such a well-rounded show. Witty, wholesome, sincere. And there are so many loose ends to be tied up!
Susan Bissert says:
Please pick up Great News, my husband and I love it! I can’t remember the last time I actually laughed out loud at a TV comedy!
Danielle says:
Yes, please pick up this torch Netflix! Its brilliant and wholesome with a cast whose timing couldn’t be more perfect.
Charles Dahm says:
Big fan of so many of the shows that Netflix carries. I do admit Tina Fey was my reason for watching “Great News”, but then realized she was a very small part of a great cast! Storylines are fun and humor is right in the pocket. Please keep it coming Netflix!
Kristina MacLean says:
I love this show please renew it! Someone? Please !
Tiffiney Fort says:
I just found this show and I love it. My whole family is binge watching. Please make a season 3.

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