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How To Add Bookmark To Homescreen On LG G7

How To Add Bookmark To Homescreen On LG G7

We can’t deny that smartphones have been an important part of our lives in this day and age that we live in. There are some users who can’t seem to live without them. The Internet has changed the way we communicate and get the latest information. Online businesses have also been thriving lately. It is common for us to be using our smartphones all day long, we are always on social media and browsing on the web.

Your latest LG G7 flagship device may be the fastest smartphones in the business right now but it even greater news to know that you can make working with your device faster when it comes to using shortcuts to eliminate steps to get an app launched.

Most smartphone users get access to their Internet browsers manually. There is a way for you to set up shortcuts to make things faster for you when browsing the Internet. Creating bookmarks of your most visited sites and placing them on your home screen can make life a lot easier for you.

When you have an icon of your favorite site on your homescreen you will gain instant access. You don’t have to go through the tedious process of finding your web browser then typing the URL of your website to gain access.

It is so simple to add bookmarks to your favorite websites and place an icon of them on your home screen. See these steps below that you can follow.

How to add a bookmark to the LG G7 home screen

  1. Turn on your device
  2. Go to the built in web browser app named “Internet”
  3. Choose the website that you want to add as Favorite
  4. Go to the address bar and click on the 3 dots to the far right of your screen
  5. Choose the “Add shortcut to home screen”

Once you are done, you now have an icon on your homescreen that you can tap directly to give you instant access to your favorite website.

You may also want to create a bookmark from your Google Chrome Browser. Go to the webpage that you want to make a bookmark for and tap on the 3 dot settings icon and then tap on”Add to homescreen” which will give you the chance to name this shortcut. Once added, an icon of this page will show up on your homescreen as well.

We also like to inform you that there are some phone brand manufacturers that includes a feature that allows users to long-press on an empty space on the home screen to access an options menu. This menu can help you add widget to your home screen including an option to add a bookmark already saved. The guide that we shared above is specific for the LG G7.

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Apr 4, 2018

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