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How to Change Device Name on LG G7

How to Change Device Name on LG G7

One of the favorite ways of personalizing your new LG G7 flagship phone is having your device renamed. It serves as your phone’s identification that can be recognized by other users or yourself. This is important when you are going to use the Bluetooth function and different names for devices will appear on your screen.

This will also occur when you connect your smartphone to a computer, the name of your device will show up saying LG G7, changing the name of your device can eliminate the confusion in situations wherein you are in a public place and there are also owners of LG G7’s using their devices. You may end up having a Bluetooth connection with the wrong device and vice-versa.

It is recommended therefore that you change the generic name of your smartphone to one that is personal. For those who want to know how to check out our guide below.

How to Change Name on LG G7

Follow these step by steps instructions to change your device name on LG G7.

  1. Make sure to turn your device On
  2. From your home screen go to Menu
  3. Choose Settings
  4. Scroll and Tap on Device Information
  5. Find “Device Name” and Tap on it
  6. A window will pop up and prompt you to change the name of your G7

You are done. The new name that you have saved will be the one you can see on other Bluetooth devices or Computers that your device will connect to.

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Apr 6, 2018

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