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How to Check for Plagiarism Using Grammarly

How to Check for Plagiarism Using Grammarly

Checking plagiarism is essential to maintain the credibility of your content. Out of all the available options, Grammarly’s plagiarism checker is a great choice. You can access it through the tool’s web editor or add Grammarly to Google Docs or Microsoft Word to scan your text while drafting. Moreover, you can use the grammar-checking tool to improve text quality and adjust its tonality. So, let’s go through how you can check for plagiarism in Grammarly.   

How Does Grammarly’s Plagiarism Checker Work?

Grammarly is primarily a writing assistant service that helps you correct your grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, etc. Its plagiarism-checking tool will scan your content and highlight the plagiarised part with a red underline. Clicking on the text will open a suggestion card containing citation data showing the original source of the given text.

This citation data is per the Modern Language Association (MLA), Chicago Manual of Style, and American Psychological Association (APA). You can click on the hyperlink in the suggestion card to be redirected to the original content source.

Do note that Grammarly’s plagiarism checker tool is only available for paid subscribers. 

How to Check For Plagiarism Using Grammarly

You can use Grammarly’s web version to gain complete access to its content editor. However, you can also go with its browser extension, which works with all popular browsers on Windows or Mac for quickly checking plagiarism while drafting or checking content anywhere on the web.

From the Web Editor

Grammarly’s web version allows you to check for plagiarism, view content scores, and adjust the tonality of a written piece.

  1. Open your preferred web browser and go to My Grammarly.
  2. Click New to create a new document.
    Create new document on Grammarly
  3. Copy-paste the text from the file into Grammarly’s web editor that you want to check for plagiarism.
  4. Click Plagiarism at the bottom right of the document to run a plagiarism check.
    Plagiarism option at bottom of Grammarly Doc
  5. Follow the suggestion cards to find which sentences or phrases are plagiarised.

Using the Chrome Extension

You can download and set up Grammarly for Google Chrome from the Chrome Web Store to check writing errors and plagiarism in everything you write on the web, including online word processors such as Google Docs. You can use the same Grammarly extension in Microsoft Edge to check for plagiarism.

  1. Open Google Chrome, followed by Google Docs, and create a new document.
  2. Copy the content you want to check for plagiarism and paste it into Google Docs.
  3. Click the Grammarly icon at the bottom right to open the Grammarly sidebar.
  4. Select Plagiarism at the bottom right to run a plagiarism check.
    Google Docs Plagirism

Once the check is done, the plagiarised text will be highlighted with a red underline supported by suggestion cards in the sidebar, just like the web version. You can add Grammarly to Microsoft Word and check for plagiarism directly from within the app as well.

While Grammarly is also available for Android and iPhone as a keyboard, you cannot use it to check for plagiarism from your phone. 

Take a Step Towards Error-Free and Original Writing

Grammarly has evolved from a typing assistant to a complete content-aiding service. It offers an editor to make your writing error-free, an AI writing assistant to help you create content, and a plagiarism detector to make your content entirely original. However, you can use its AI writing assistant only for the web version, which you can access on a Mac or PC.

While Grammarly offers various helpful features, the cloud-based service may seem expensive. If you seek free writing assistant alternatives, check out our Hemingway vs. Grammarly review.


Q. How do I check a document in Grammarly?

A. To check a document, log in to your Grammarly account and click Upload under New. Select a document from your local storage and click Open. Once uploaded, it will directly open in a new document on Grammarly.

Q. Is Grammarly plagiarism checker 100% accurate?

A. Grammarly’s plagiarism checker flags sentences that appear copied along with the original source. It doesn’t claim the results are 100% accurate, but as a premium service, it does a fair job of detecting plagiarism and making your content completely original.

Q. Can you use Grammarly plagiarism checker for free?  

A. Grammarly plagiarism checker tool is only for premium subscribers. However, to use it for free, you can sign up for a premium subscription with a 7-day free trial offered to users for trying out Grammarly Premium.

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