Will Netflix or Amazon Prime Pick Up Into The Badlands Season 4?

Posted by Jessie Richardson on May 13, 2019

Into The Badlands is a martial arts TV series that ran on AMC for three seasons until being canned. The final episode aired on May 6 2019 and for now at least, that’s it. The news didn’t go down well with fans who all thought there was a lot more life in the series yet. So will Netflix pick up Into The Badlands as they have done with other canceled shows?

I think Into The Badlands stands a good chance of being picked up by Netflix.

AMC said that Into The Badlands didn’t achieve the audiences they wanted so called time on it at the end of season 3. The cast took it with good grace as you would expect with star Daniel Wu tweeting

‘“Thank you for your support. We always had you in mind while making this as we wanted to give you the best martial arts action show to ever appear on tv and I think we achieved that. But that wouldn’t have been possible without you! So thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”’

Into The Badlands TV show

Into The Badlands has a post-apocalyptic semi fantasy setting heavily influenced by ancient Chinese culture. Some technology has survived while some has not and guns are now considered beyond the pale so are no longer used. It’s back to swords, arrows and martial arts to keep order.

The Badlands is set between the Rocky Mountains and Mississippi River and a feudal system has developed similar to Medieval Europe. Barons control the land and the people and slave labor is the norm. Order is maintained by the Clippers, a sort of militia. Outside of this organized society are Nomads and other organizations trying to get by.

The show is a real mix of post apocalypse and ancient history. The idea that guns are no longer used is a good one and the cultural mix is also neatly done.

Into The Badlands stars Daniel Wu as Sunny, Aramis Knight as M.K., Ally Ioannides as Tilda, Madeleine Mantock as Veil and Marton Csokas as Quinn.

Into The Badlands season 1

Into The Badlands season 1 has 6 episodes and introduces us to the world, the characters and life in general. Sunny is a former Clipper who is involved in a recue of M.K. a mysterious character who may be able to help Sunny escape from the Badlands. Sunny begins training M.K. while fighting bad guys and trying to survive amongst other Clippers, the Barons and various villains.

The season is full of action and good storytelling. This isn’t wire-fu but seriously athletic martial arts with a great eye for choreography. It’s a refreshing change from the usual post-apocalyptic story.

Into The Badlands season 2

Season 2 is 10 episodes long and sees Sunny as a slave miner and M.K. training with some monks. Sunny enters the fighting pit to try to escape while being betrayed by someone who knows who he really is. The other characters, Tilda and The Widow have moved on but are still in the Badlands.

Sunny and Bajie work their way through a list of enemies while The Widow does what she can to secure her position and put down her enemies.

Into The Badlands season 3

Into The Badlands season 2 is also 10 episodes long and Sunny is back in the Badlands. Only The Widow and Chau remain of the original barons and its civil war. Sunny and Bajie again work their way through a complex storyline while fighting bad guys and trying to stay out of trouble and end up fighting blind cannibals, warriors and more while Sunny ends up in prison again.

All storylines come together in a fight to the finish. I can’t say much more without spoilers. It’s difficult enough writing a synopsis without them as it is!

Will Netflix take on Into The Badlands?

At the time of writing, Netflix have not mentioned wanting to continue Into The Badlands. I think chances are good that they will. The show isn’t your usual terrorist, zombie, law, police or crime procedural but something different. Sure, the plot took some serious twists and turns and sometimes ended up in unlikely places but overall, the action and the acting was good enough for it to gather a core following.

Some of which has spilled onto social media to demand Into The Badlands be continued. With such a fanbase and more international appeal than many US TV shows, I think it quite possible that Netflix will pick it up.

What did you think of Into The Badlands? Like it? Want to see more? Give us your opinion below!

24 thoughts on “Will Netflix or Amazon Prime Pick Up Into The Badlands Season 4?”

katrina wilson says:
PLEASE BRING IT BACK my husband and I love it .
Danny says:
I really love this show. AMC totally mismanaged it. The breaks were way to long between seasons and what was up with the season 3 mid season break? PLEASE Netflix pick this show up.!
Felicia says:
How can we make pressure over Netflix or amazon? Maybe some campaign or something
Emmanuel says:
Rkzbbergie says:
Had not heard of this show until it was on Netflix. Binged all three seasons. Loved it! Please Netflix, continue this show the audience is out there it just needs promotion.
William Leizear says:
Yes please bring it back. Loved watching it.
Kyle Becker says:
This was a great show. Something totally different and as was mentioned the cinematography was great and very unique to the show.
Tiffany says:
I really hope someone saves into the Badlands. After the first season AMC went back to just focusing on The Walking Dead and didn’t care about other shows. They completely let it slip through the cracks. I really hope Netflix picks it up, even though I don’t have it but I would get it for Into the Badlands.
JB says:
Great show, I love how netflix swoops in and saves the day. Its all business, so lets end the fans anxiety and Netflix make the announcement please that you will pick up season 4 and beyond. As far as its average numbers in season 3, my take is it just needs more marketing and some good old fashion p,r.
Ghumutso says:
We want season 4 back
Kathy Wiscovitch says:
The only thing I disliked about Into the Badlands was each season was to short for me, I wanted more. I love Into the Badlands it’s so refreshing from the other types of series out there. I truly hope NETFLIX picks it up.
Barbara Ann Ward says:
Loved the cinematography! Fight scenes phenomenal… Netflix keep a great thing going… there is no other show like it and nothing that competes with it . Now that the show is on Netflix, there will be more fans than ever wanting a season 4,5 and 6!
Terry says:
Bring it back
Ariel Schnee says:
Hope this show comes back.

AMC was stupid to cancel this show. Just like NBC was stupid to cancel Star Trek. The bosses of AMC are not right in the head now.

It would be good for this show to have more seasons and explore more things.

Ryan says:
Yes Netflix MUST bring season 4 back. Ended on such a cliff hanger and it over….. NOOOO
Richard says:
I would love to see another season on Netflix! But just give it worldwide! That way i wont have to download it illegally! Honestly cant wait for better news!
Ms Traveler44 says:
We Need more Into The Badlands, Netflix please add a season 4 and more. I love the show!
Sheriann Wallace says:
I really love this show I hope it can still come back.
Phillip Davis says:
I would love for Netflix to pick it up. Season three ended with a bang! Pun intended.
Harley says:
This show quickly became one of my favorites not just for the story but because of the gorgeous aesthetics and visuals, diverse cast, and those insanely fluid fight scenes. ANY show that has nothing to do with TWD, AMC sets up to fail by not promoting at all. This also applies to Preacher and other shows who’ve fallen victim to that machine. If TWD is all AMC wants to air, then why not just change the network’s name and make it an exclusive TWD channel? This show is rare and definitely deserves to be picked up. I can’t even imagine how it would look on Netflix, but it would be AMAZING. There’s still so much story left to tell! I even changed my google name to #SaveTheBadlands.
Kim W says:
My husband and I really like into the badlands. We dont get much down time together, but sitting down to watch this show together has become our Sunday night thing. We are devastated! Bring it back.
Dan F says:
I was surprised that my wife would even watch this show with me and turns out that it became our thing as well. Just finishing up season 3 and now a show that’s brought us more quality time together is gone. Bring on season 4!
Bobby Howard says:
I would like to see more seasons of into the badlands
Jason says:
I just got done watching season 1-3 on Netflix.. I need more. Netflix please pickup this show.
Fred says:
It would be nice if they did.
Really want to see more I was looking forward to watch it again

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