These Are the Most Disliked Videos on Youtube – November 2017

Posted by Sydney on October 30, 2017

Many of us prowl YouTube for hilarious and original content. But the popular social media video sharing platform is also a great place to find bizarre and downright cringe inducing content. Not all of the following videos qualify as cringey, but they are all among the most disliked videos on YouTube.

What Do You Mean Disliked?

How do we measure their worth? In two ways. First, we looked at videos that have the highest number of dislikes period. Then we also considered videos with a high percentage of dislikes (when compared to likes). We also went out of our way to ignore those obnoxious YouTubers angling for dislikes in their titles.

The Final Cut

We’ve offered a little blurb on what each video has in store. But don’t take our word for it. Check out the videos and tell us what you think in the comments.


Justin Bieber has the dubious honor of being top of our list. His debut music video Baby was not entirely reviled. Obviously, he was able to garner quite the following from his YouTube shenanigans alone. But the numbers don’t lie. Baby is officially the most disliked video on YouTube with over 8 million dislikes. It’s even been entered into the Guinness Book of World Records for this very fact. Ouch.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Reveal Trailer

Wait, what? Wasn’t Call of Duty’s Infinite Warfare game well received? It was. But the trailer is another story. It is theorized that a substantial portion of the trailer’s nearly 4 million dislikes were part of a campaign by rival game Battlefield fans to create negative press for the franchise. Of course, there were probably a few frustrated Call of Duty fans mixed in there.

Can This Video Get 1 Million Dislikes?

Yes, it can.

Ok. We said we wouldn’t include any of these “asking for dislikes” videos. But we’ll include this one because at over three million dislikes (93.81% dislikes), it is the most successful of its genre. The Swedish web-based comedian that goes by PewDiePew on YouTube is a fan of getting people to downvote him. Incidentally, the video has about 207 thousand likes, because some people just like to watch the world burn.

It’s Everyday Bro

Jake Paul and company came up with this gem of a music video presumably while drinking Jagermeister out of red solo cups behind a Denny’s. It is “bro-y” in every sense of the word from the Delorean-esque rides to the intense arm gestures. It’s a video that is truly hard to watch and yet impossible to ignore. We’ve watched the video several times now and still can’t figure out what “it” is.


You probably remember this meme worthy gem from several years ago. Rebecca Black’s viral anti-hit was the talk of the internet for several months thanks to its mind-numbing lyrics and awkward pseudo-dancing. In truth, Black was making the video with the help of Ark Music Factory partly in an effort to promote her future music career and partly to have something fun to share with friends and family. Neither Black nor the video’s co-producer and co-writer Patrice Wilson could have guessed how popular the video would get. Wilson would later admit that he wrote the lyrics while sleep deprived on a Friday night. That explains a lot.

How It Is (Wap, Bap…)

Bianca “Bibi” Heinicke of Germany made the soporific music video with, presumably, the best of intentions. How could she have guessed that it would become the most hated song in Germany? Her awkward pronunciation of English lyrics and confusing set design may have had something to do with it.

Getting Started with YouTube Heroes

At 96.97%, this video has the highest percentage of dislikes of any video on YouTube. The video highlights YouTube’s heroes program – an effort to encourage YouTube users to become more active on the platform by adding subtitles, moderating comments, and reporting videos that violate the YouTube Terms of Service. I’m sorry, did we say heroes? We meant police. Needless to say, this campaign was met with a lot of unhappy content creators who felt like YouTube was promoting censorship. Hence the dislikes.


Former Texas Governor and current Secretary of Energy Rick Perry created this political ad as part of his campaign in the 2012 primaries. Targeting conservative American Christians, the ad railed against gay people in the military and the lack of religious presence in public schools. This rubbed some liberal YouTubers (of which there are many) the wrong way. At 96.30%, this video has the second highest dislike percentage.

Ghostbusters 2016 Trailer

To its credit, the Ghostbusters revival is sitting pretty at 74% critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s clearly done something right. But many fans of the classic paranormal fighting quartet were not thrilled at the new cast. These ghostbusting ladies are more comfortable in the realm of over-the-top physical comedy than their male counterparts – a fact that rubbed some purists the wrong way. After all, Dr. Venkman’s subtle snark was part of the original film’s charm.


Jacob Sartorius got his start posting lip-syncing music videos to Musical.ly. But soon mouthing other people’s songs was no longer enough for him and he was inspired to take the next step – vaulting pre-teen love songs to a creepy new level. His single “Sweatshirt” may have made the Top 100 charts in the US and Canada, but the video, featuring a living sweatshirt that crawls jerkily on the floor in pursuit of students, haunts our dreams.

Whether deserved or not, these videos certainly got under some people’s skin. Did we miss a video that you think deserves a mention? Let us know below!


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