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Will Netflix or Amazon Prime Pick Up Gotham Season 6?

Will Netflix or Amazon Prime Pick Up Gotham Season 6?

On paper, a Batman-prequel featuring Bruce Wayne as a child just after the murder of his parents shouldn’t work. Before Gotham even premiered, the show had been written off by plenty of naysayers, largely for its take on a child Batman, but when the show finally premiered, it slowly found a fanbase of followers deeming it worthy. Despite the slow start, the show gradually grew from a procedural cop show set in and around the titular city, to something with its own lore, season-long plotlines, and a revisioning of both Batman and many of his villains.

With the fifth season currently airing, Fox has been advertising the show as the final season of the series, with its episode order cut from the usual 22 from seasons one through four to just a measly twelve episodes, leaving fans wondering: will Gotham get picked up by a streaming service like Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu? Let’s take a look at the show and what its plot trajectory means for the future of the series.

Gotham‘s Five Seasons

Created as a series designed to focus solely on the Gotham Police Department, the show opens with a young Selina Kyle watching the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne, leaving their son Bruce orphaned and in shock as his parents are taken from him. The show then switches focus to Commissioner Gordon, currently working as a detective many years before he rises through the ranks. Teamed with Harvey Bullock, a grizzled detective, Gordon tries to focus his efforts on solving the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne, while slowly dealing with Bullock’s corruption and trying to stay a clean cop.

It wasn’t until season two of Gotham, subtitled Rise of the Villains and Wrath of the Villains over its two parts, focused on Gordon being fired from the department while Bullock quits. Teamed with local gangster Oswald Cobblepot, Gordon works to bring down Theo Galavan, while new villains like Hugo Strange, Mr. Freeze, and other villains begin to pop up. As the show continued, each season contained two distinct arcs. Throughout season three, viewers were introduced to the Mad City and Heroes Rise arc, which witnessed Gordon becoming a bounty hunter following the Indian Hill fugitives, while Strange, Mr. Freeze, Riddler, and Mad Hatter all continued to cause issues. Season three also put the focus back on Wayne as he began to learn more about the murder of his parents and the infamous criminal organization known as the Court of Owls.

Season four, subtitled A Dark Knight for all twenty-two episodes, finally delivered on everything viewers wanted. Penguin finally took over the city’s crime, issuing licences in the underworld for any burgeoning criminals to begin operating. With Jim approaching Carmine Falcone for help, things continue to grow worse in Gotham. With criminals breaking out of Arkham Asylum and promising to plunge Gotham into anarchy, Bruce Wayne fulfills his destiny and becomes the Dark Knight of Gotham.

All of this sets up the show to become something entirely new, but instead of transitioning Gotham into a Batman television show, the fifth season was announced by Fox to be the final of the show, with twelve episodes instead of 22.

Did Gotham get Cancelled?

Yes and no. While some shows are announced as “ending” rather than cancelled (see Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on the CW, which was pitched as a four season series, or Game of Thrones on HBO), Gotham falls somewhere in the middle. Though the fifth season was announced as the final season well ahead of time, remarks by Gotham‘s showrunner John Stephens suggests that, at the very least, the show having a longer episode count for its final season would’ve been preferred. Gotham was never a ratings mega-giant for Fox, so it makes sense for the show to end around the 100 episode mark.

In fact, Gotham was originally planned to only have ten episodes in its final season, but that order was raised to twelve in order to hit the 100 episode count so valued for syndication. At the very least, those 100 episodes mean that Gotham will be shown on television for a long time to come.

Will Gotham Get Picked Up for a Season Six?

While Fox may no longer be interested in producing Gotham, it’s always possible in the age of streaming media for shows to get picked up by rival networks or streaming services. Unfortunately, that typically happens when a show is cancelled outright without a concluding season. Gotham may have received the axe after its fifth outing, but the show was given time to wrap up its storylines, which it will do with the 100th episode of the show.

So, what are the odds of Gotham getting picked up somewhere new? Unfortunately, pretty low. Gotham is produced by Warner Bros. Television and DC Entertainment, which may be part of why Fox is ending the show. Since Fox doesn’t own the production company behind Gotham, they have less of a reason to continue producing the show. Both Netflix and Amazon have been increasingly focused on only producing their own content as well, making it unlikely for the show to get picked up there. The show could make the jump to the CW, which WarnerMedia has a stake in, but unfortunately, now that AT&T owns Warner Bros., the company has been focused on trying to evolve HBO into its own streaming giant to compare to Netflix.

Gotham Season 5 "No Man's Land" Trailer (HD) Series Finale

The other possibility is the DC Universe streaming service, which began in 2018 and is the home of shows like TitansDoom Patrol, and Swamp Thing. In fact, DC Universe picked up Young Justice for a third season years after being cancelled by Cartoon Network, leaving it as a possible outing for the show. Unfortunately, Titans has actually cast a Bruce Wayne for its second season, portraying him as an older, possibly-retired Batman, making it unlikely that the show is picked up by DC Universe.

Ultimately, we also have to mention that the fifth season of Gotham will likely wrap up the plot, leaving a future pick-up unlikely. The writers behind the show have spoken about bringing the series to a satisfying close, and have gone all out, introducing the Joker with his usual look for the final batch of episodes. Ultimately, having told a full story with a complete end may feel bittersweet to Gotham‘s fanbase, but with more comic book shows than ever before, it may be nice to see a satisfying ending rather than a disappointing burn-out.

What do you think could happen to Gotham? Should it all end here? Tell us your thoughts below!

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30 thoughts on “Will Netflix or Amazon Prime Pick Up Gotham Season 6?”

Maria Lopez says:
Please, please continue Gotham. It is the best series on/or (anywhere) Netflix Gotham.
John says:
I don’t know why warner didn’t continue Gotham with bruce back in Gotham and continue on as dark knight .I know people will love it
Fred says:
Series should continue – good action, good acting, and plots with twists n turns.
Mario says:
Gotham should continue. I have watched many series, but only stuck with Gotham. It combines many emotions, with the ‘unexpected’ being a main attribute.
Hope someone (maybe Netflix?) will take over and make another 5 seasons or so!
marlene scott says:
Simply “amazing”. Thanks Netflix for picking it up. Please do continue the series.
Marci says:
Unfortunately, as always with shows that got cancelled too early , you can clearly see that the story was rushed and altered in order to achieve some kind of closure, making the fifth season feel out of tune and more like a weird dream one of the main characters might have. That alone should be / is a reason to continue, let alone the vast potential and the supportive fanbase that Gotham still has. Please do continue. Anyone. Please.
Michael DeGood says:
I am truly disappointed that Gotham ends after season 5. I have watched every episode and will probably ly watch it again for it is a good series. If they are struggling since he became Batman then change the name to something like “Gothams Salvation” or “Batman Becomes..”
Travis Derendinger says:
I think this is just Bogus because you haven’t shown every single enemy Or even all the superheroes That could be in this show that you could include Or even the Justice League there is so much you could do with this show I hope Netflix or hulu sees this comment And see the potential of this show
Anthony says:
Absolutely was ready to watch more ! Shame to end it like that – I would happily watch more if only someone will continue this !
Matt Scharp says:
I am just upset that we finally got to batman and thats when that ends. It’s just a big tease! Netflix or Amazon needs to pick this up asap. On a streaming service, I could see many many viewers for the beloved Bruce!
Elizabeth says:
I just finished watching Season 5 on Netflix, Iam so dissapointed that their will be no Season 6.
All the characters fit the Batman storyline, you learn to love even Pinguin and the riddler! This show definately needs to continue with Bruce Wayne as an adult Batman and all these great characters!
Brandon Unterfer says:
agreed and just how can they expect die hard bat fans to see a glimpse of the iconic pose where batman is talking to gordon then end before we get to see his honed skills at work least for one villian battle b4 ending it all
Iris says:
I just finished season 5 and I literally wanted to keep on watching. Hopefully someone picks up the show because it’s really good and interesting. Personally I think it’s very unique how they build it up as Gotham. Great show and I hope there’s more soon!!!
LG says:
I really pray that Netflix pickup Gotham!! Especially if they make it a Netflix Original oh man that is dope!! Netflix please pickup Gotham they can’t end the show like that…
Mike h says:
Definitely a rare television TV show. Watching the back story of a young man, who witnessed the murder of his parents, he was able to keep his world from falling apart, stepped into the light and began to fight crime as a kid. After saving the city he leaves and becomes batman,but I love this show, I couldn’t stand it at first( man was I wrong) but what kills it for me. Fox gives it 12 episodes so much was forced into this last season. I hope the show gets picked up by another network, I really want to know how the riddle makes out, what happens to Hugo strange, along with so much more, if a network is smart do a season 6 and let it go out with a real bang, not the fox way. (# fox is weak # one more
Christian says:
I realy hope there will be some other Company to pick up Gotham sometime…
Ali says:
Really hope Netflix picks up Gotham! When Netflix picked up Lucifer, they radically improved the show. Gotham definitely has potential to last as long as another 5 seasons, as long as it’s done right.
Elizan says:
Please. Please. Please. Some company, please pick this show up.
graham says:
Please. Please. Some company, please pick this show up .Please do
Steve says:
Unfortunately I saw it ending Way too soon. They kinda rushed it to cram what they could into the short season 5. It can’t be continued as Gotham because this was a build up to Batman, BUT they could easily continue the story as a Batman Begins or Year One type series. This is by Far the best Set of Batman crew members I’ve ever seen, the whole lot of them (maybe not Bane). I truly hope this series continues in some manner with the existing cast and writers. I know I’ll watch it!
George says:
Since the last episode takes place when Batman starts to be Batman and the villains also start to be who “they” are, it would make sense to start a new Gotham series where this one left off and just use some new series name like “Batman Gotham”
sean says:
yeah true and maybe something more like “Batman and gotham” or “Batman: the aftermath of gotham”
Alef Rodriguez says:
We need to see maybe not Gotham but a new show that picks up where it left off but under a different name. Like Dark Night of Gotham or something. This was my favorite show. Someone needs to pick it up with the same cast. Everyone was great! Actually, we could use a new Bane, didn’t like him much. Don’t let this be the end of such a neverending story! Maybe even making a Gotham movie based on the show with character developments would also be a great idea. We could have sequels forever like Star Wars. Please bring this show back one way or another. Shut up and take my money!
Ron says:
Bane was the shit (just sayin)
Dean says:
“Supernatural”, “Lucifer” and “Gotham” should NEVER end!
Lin says:
Right next to Supernatural, I would say Gotham is one of the BEST shows ever.
I really took to it binge watching it on Netflix.

I would watch it on Netflix or Prime.
If CBS picks it up I would consider acquiring a subscription since they have StarTrek Discovery.

But, Netflix for sure. If they get Christopher Nolan to be involved I will purchase some stock.

Thomas Thompson says:
Please NETFLIX look into continuing Gotham with same cast. Bruce can be made to look older. There was room to grow from the finale
Brian Bilenski says:
I love the show and it could only get better now all the key players are revealed. It’s a no brainer pick up the show.
Pam says:
Please Netflix save Gathom.
Sue says:
I’m with you the show cant end here it’s so much missing what happened to harly quin and what about jokers transition
Chris W Vargas says:
DC UNIVERSE can continue it with BATMAN YEAR ONE!
Adam says:
I hope Netflix picks this up, but they have to keep the same cast. The cast makes the show especially Cameron Monaghan as Joker.
Daniel Leech says:
Somebody please pick this series up! It is way too good to let go.
Doug says:
NETFLIX purchased the rights to Gotham before season 1 premiered. Hopefully that means Netflix would be able to call it a “Netflix Original” and make additional seasons continuing the Batman story.
mehdirezgui says:
i mean trust me you well get many people watching because almost all the world loves it what i mean this serie gotham will have many benefits for you and other people . the benefits for you are wil raise the number of people using netflix and the benefits for them you will give hunderds of hundreds of people what they want
mehdirezgui says:
please netflix save series gotham from ending do the same as you did to lucifer

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