Will Netflix or Amazone Prime pick up Gotham Season 6?

Posted by Jamie on November 16, 2018

On paper, a Batman-related TV show without Batman featuring until season four isn’t going to work. Yet the show has been a huge hit, at least in some circles. I greatly enjoyed the first four seasons and haven’t seen the fifth yet but see no reason why it wouldn’t be as good. Now that Fox has officially canned the series, is this the end? Will Netflix pick up Gotham?

I used to think Gotham was universally popular but it seems that cannot be true. If it was, it would last longer than five seasons. Yet here we are. With season five due on January 3 2019, we do have something to look forward to but it will be bitter sweet and tinged with not a little sadness as the end draws near.

Gotham TV series

If you haven’t watched it, Gotham is a prequel to Batman. It follows commissioner Gordon before he becomes commissioner and is merely Detective James Gordon. It follows Gordon’s efforts to battle corruption and clean up the city of Gotham before Batman arrives. We do get to meet the young Bruce Wayne though, which is nice.

Series one sets the scene and introduces us to the main protagonists. We begin with the heavy hitter, the murder of Thomas Wayne and his wife Martha, as witnessed by a young Bruce. The investigation begins with Gordon doing what he can to investigate. Further episodes introduce us to the Penguin, Arkham Asylum, Harvey Dent and other characters.

Despite sitting heavily within Batman lore, Gotham explains everything and is accessible to those who aren’t existing fans. I count myself as one of them. I’m not usually a fan of comic book movies or TV shows but Gotham is different. Good storytelling, fleshed out characters and good quality production makes this a standout.

Season two of Gotham reunites us with Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock. Gordon is fired from the department and Bullock quits. They both team up with Oswald Cobblepot to fight crime and get themselves reinstated into the force. Despite being a crime boss in his own right, Oswald Cobblepot does his bit to help. This season introduces Dr. Strange, Mr. Freeze and more goings on at the Arkham Asylum.

Season three moves the story along a few months and Gordon is now bounty hunting the Indian Hill fugitives. He is up against Dr Strange and the evolving supervillains that are gaining confidence and power. Gordon faces Cobblepot, Edward Nygma who becomes the Riddler, Poison Ivy and Jervis Tetch who will become the Mad Hatter. Bruce Wayne is still doing his thing as he investigates the Court of Owls.

Season four sees Gordon back in the police department and Bruce Wayne having ended the Court of Owls. The Tetch virus has taken over the city and the remaining supervillains are fighting each other for supremacy. Wayne comes into his own after training with the Temple and R’As Ah Ghul.

Season five is as yet unknown but is supposed to deal with an isolated Gotham and an embryonic Batman. There is supposed to be some kind of time jump, cooperation between supervillains and an ending that rounds everything up nicely.

Not too many spoilers there I hope!

Why did Gotham end?

There are many theories as to why Gotham ended but nobody knows for sure. Some sources cite an expensive $88 million per season production cost. Some cite the obvious limitation of following a prequel timeline. Others say there is no crossover or continuation potential. It could be all or none of those. Viewer count dropped from an initial 8.3 million viewers down to 5.8 million for season four so that wouldn’t have helped.

What’s the likelihood of Netflix picking up Gotham?

On the surface, chances seem high that Netflix would pick up Gotham. The streaming service already has an exclusive contract to stream the series so it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to create it too. However, for the reasons above, I don’t think it is likely.

We have already seen the birth of Batman, the emergence of Cobblepot et al as supervillains and the storyline play out almost to the modern Batman. I’m not sure how further seasons could work. It would be difficult to spin off into a different timeline without interfering with the movies. It would be hard to align the development of characters within the TV show to the movies and balances the continuing movie development with TV.

At the end of the day, movies make way more money than TV shows and I don’t think any license holder would risk lowering the profit of more Batman movies in favor of Gotham. As much as I may dislike the idea, I think Gotham has run its course and will come to a natural end. I will miss it but I think saying goodbye on a high is much better than letting it die a slow death.

What do you think could happen to Gotham? Should it all end here? Tell us your thoughts below!

10 thoughts on “Will Netflix or Amazone Prime pick up Gotham Season 6?”

Rachel Gomez says:
This truly is a remarkable show. I agree with the actors being young enough to explore their origins. The characters were matched to perfection, and it’s a real shame it is ending. Hopefully the fan base on Netflix for this show is strong enough to enlighten the powers that be. This is a story worth telling.
Thomas Justin McLean says:
I always assumed they would end it at 5 and start a new series; Batman
Linda Blodgett says:
Are you freaking kidding me it is the best show on TV in acting, script, and performancs. in fact a lot of the freaking trash that they play like the Connors and many others and especially like Temptation island and all that other crap they run what a waste of television! What are you a millennial ?
Steven Jesse Lewis says:
I think that changing the night and time slot doomed the series. Sad that this is ending because season 5 three episodes in, is awesome.
jill says:
Please let Netflix pick this up I already want a def 6th season. This is the best show and I look forward to watching this. Please let the 5th season not be the last. Awesome actors. I want a 6th and 7 even 8 season. Keep batman going
Marcus Howard says:
Please please please keep Gotham on, it’s the greteast show on Netflix you don’t understand!! And all the characters are good actors phenomenal…you gotta keep it running please!! I’m begging you!
jakob says:
someone has got to keep this show going the cast is perfect there is no way anyone will be able to do something this good ever again this is a once in a life time opportunity to create a master peice
Layne Drew says:
Greatest show and Batman related anything, ever. I pray like many that Netflix or someone will keep it going.
Donald Stewart says:
This is the best show on TV. People were waiting for Batman all along and what he kept teasing that he would appear and then didn’t turn people off. Please keep it on the air
Maisie says:
I NEED MORE SEASONS this is the best show another network NEEDS to pick it up.
Jenni Modschiedler says:
Characters are still to young to mess with current movies! Let them grow more!! I just got into it and now it’s ending! Not yet, please get it Netflix!!!!!

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