Did Netflix Renew Lost in Space for Season 2?

Lost in Space was a successful reboot of the 1960s classic that showed on Netflix during 2018. After a mediocre movie starring Matt Le Blanc and various failed attempts to revitalize the franchise, Netflix decided they could do it justice. Now season one is over, did Netflix renew Lost in Space for season 2?

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Yes, Netflix did renew the series for another season. In fact, they greenlit it a month after season 1 was released on the platform.

Lost in Space season 1

The rebooted Lost in Space follows the Robinson family as they are stranded on an alien planet after crash landing there. The wholesome Robinson family are accompanied by the scheming Doctor Smith and the brilliant Don West who didn’t even want to be involved with the journey in the first place.

The cast is strong with Molly Parker as Maureen Robinson, Toby Stephens as John Robinson, Maxwell Jenkins as Will Robinson, Taylor Russell as Judy Robinson, Mina Sundwall as Penny Robinson, Ignacio Serricchio as Don West and Parker Posey as Dr. Smith. Parker the robot is played by Brian Steele from Grimm.

It’s a diverse cast but each brings something different to the table and is convincing in their roles.

The acting is clever in many aspects, the production quality is high, costumes great, environment design imaginative and the entire setup is very well done.

There is one big annoyance though and that is the writing. Show me any Marine officer ever who lets his wife tell him he cannot have a weapon to protect his family in a hostile environment in case he hurts someone and I will genuinely eat my hat. It just wouldn’t happen.

Plus, for a family and two colleagues who are supposedly trained for this and way above average intelligence, there are some situations where they do the dumbest things over and over again. They ignore the mission, go off on tangents and seem to prefer infighting and one upmanship than completing the mission. For supposedly trained explorers, this just doesn’t wash.

There are ten episodes in season 1 and for the most part, they are easy to watch and work well as entertainment. Aside from making you shake your head sadly sometimes at missed opportunities or dumb writing, the TV show is okay.

Lost in Space season 2

Lost in Space season 2 was commissioned a month after the release of season 1 and began production in September 2018. Filming is scheduled to have finished already so presumably we are in post-production right now. Filming took place in Iceland in winter so I imagine everyone is glad to get filming over and done with!

It is likely that release will be fall this year but Netflix have not said anything about a release date. In fact, they haven’t said much at all about the second season.

As usual, Lost in Space season 1 left the door wide open for another season and left something of a cliffhanger. With the original cast present and correct but the results of that cliffhanger dominating the storyline of the final episode, it isn’t difficult to believe that season 2 will continue along the lines of that ending.

It’s difficult to discuss a potential plot for season 2 without spoiling season 1 for those of you who haven’t seen it yet. However, it might revolve around a drawing the robot did in season 1 of its home world. That could offer a lot of scope for the series and offer much more scope for developing the robot character, if the robot is around at all of course. Nothing has been confirmed as yet though.

That offers plenty of scope for more procedural sci-fi. Hopefully this time with more intelligent writing and fewer plot holes!

The original cast may be seen in Lost in Space season 2 as well if hints from showrunners hold true. We saw Bill Mumy in a cameo in season one and the executive producer of  this updated version said he would love to see the other cast members from the sixties appear. A couple have already said they were up for it.

As a fan of sci-fi, I had high hopes for Lost in Space. It delivered on many counts but did let the side down in some areas. I don’t know if the same writers were involved in season 2 or not but I genuinely hope the script raised its game from season 1!

Did you like Lost in Space? Will you watch season 2? What do you think will happen? Tell us your thoughts below!

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