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Will Netflix Save Z Nation?

Sometimes a series might not be brilliantly written or have excellent production. But people love it nevertheless, and it survives season after season. Z Nation might not have the highest IMDB rating, but for five years, it entertained a lot of viewers.

Now it’s canceled, and fans are looking to Netflix to come in and resurrect it. It might seem odd to some, but this has happened before. Streaming services are known to listen to the requests of faithful fans. But there are a lot of factors to consider. Will Netflix save Z Nation?

Z Nation – Current Status

The Z Nation series finale aired on SyFy at the very end of 2018 with the final episode leaving viewers with less than a satisfying feeling. As it is the case with any series, the viewers are looking for closure and explanation. And what’s hypothetically awaiting the characters ahead.

The name of the final episode, “The End of Everything,” sounded ominous but ambiguous at the same time. And the way Z Nation rolled into the entire season five kept the fans asking more questions with every answer they got. Did the black rain bring destruction or a brand-new beginning? It seems like it was neither and both at the same time.

The ones who survived from the original cast were reunited. And the divide between the supporters and detractors of the Talkers significantly impacted the plot. Season five seemed rushed and forced, and many of the fans have felt that. So, it’s unsurprising they want another chance for a better ending.

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Heroic History of Netflix

As the leading giant in the streaming world, Netflix has a lot of original content. But it’s been known to come in and save the day by picking up a series that has been canceled and discarded. They have even picked up shows that have been discontinued for a long time, like “Full House.”

Z Nation fans could wish for an outcome like the one series “Lucifer.” It was dismissed after three years on air on Fox despite having decent ratings and a lot of fans. Sometimes the show cancellation doesn’t make much sense to the viewers, as it has more to do what goes on behind the scenes.

Netflix seized the opportunity, and the fourth season came out in April of 2019. The fifth and final one is coming this year, with the exact date to be determined. Other shows Netflix rescued include “Designated Survivor,” “Arrested Development,” “Gilmore Girls,” “Longmire,” and others.

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Are Z Nation & Netflix Compatible?

Would Netflix be the right place for the potential season six of Z Nation? And would Z Nation feel at home among the many Netflix titles? The creators of Z Nation have expressed in the past that they’d love to strike a deal with one of the streaming services. Why not the one with the most reach?

And as for Netflix, the streamer has started exploring the realms of this genre more than before. Their original take on one of the oldest stories in the world, “Dracula,” paid off. Adding an over the top, action-packed, zombie TV series with a hint of comedy might go over really well.

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Is Nation Z Worth Saving?

Here’s is where a lot of people with their favorite TV shows that got canceled would go, “Hey, if Netflix should renew any show, it should be this one.” And many terrific shows were denied further seasons, and that’s one of those sad facts of life. Why should Netflix give Z Nation a special treatment?

Well, that is for Netflix to decide. And if they figure out the reason to pick it up, the fans will rejoice, others will scratch their heads in disbelief. However, one of the Z Nation creators did reveal what the following season would bring. And that they would be open to an idea of a Z Nation movie that would give a more satisfying ending to the story. That’s also the approach Netflix has taken before.

They famously created a special season finale for the hit series “Sens8” after the conclusion of the series led to countless complaints from the series fans. And they were not silenced until they got the ending, they felt the show deserved. That turned into an episode which, in length and concept, felt more like a movie.

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Black Summer

One of the reasons why people might be hopeful about Netflix and the Z Nation team cooperation is because, in some ways, they are already connected. The Z Nation production team has already created the first season of Black Summer, which aired on Netflix in April 2019. It is the prequel series to Z Nation, set at the beginning of the Zombie Apocalypse.

And just like another couple of zombie series that exist in the same world but at different times “The Walking Dead” and “Fear the Walking Dead,” it’s not an impossible idea for “Black Summer” and Z Nation to coexist on Netflix.

The producers even mentioned a possibility of the characters of the two series overlapping in some way. That’s because there is a great desire to keep them going in one configuration or another. But it’s still relatively early for any predictions, although Netflix renewed Black Summer for another season.

Netflix to the Rescue

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to send the list of all the unjustly canceled shows to Netflix and other streaming services and demand more seasons? Sure, they can continue making more new shows, everyone loves that too. But sometimes you need to know the exact fate of a love triangle that never got resolved. And to demand justice for a neglected character.

Sometimes wishes do come true. And in the case of Z Nation and Netflix, there are reasons to be optimistic. However, there are no guarantees.

Would you like to see the continuation of Z Nation? Would you want Netflix or another streaming company to pick it up? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.