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Will Netflix or Amazon Prime Pick Up Z Nation for Season 6?

Will Netflix or Amazon Prime Pick Up Z Nation for Season 6?

The news that SyFy canceled Z Nation didn’t go down well if the internet is to be believed. The zombie drama series ended at the end of 2018 and at the time of writing, there is no plan to raise this show from the dead. But will Netflix save Z Nation? Will anyone?

I’m not sure Netflix will pick up Z Nation to be honest. I think the five seasons are likely all we will get.

Z Nation was many things to many people. Part drama, part dark comedy, part post-apocalyptic TV show. It premiered back in 2014 and ran for five seasons and 70 episodes overall. It didn’t have a bad run considering but I think it likely that this is it for the show.

Z Nation TV show

The premise of Z Nation was simple. It has been three years since the zombie outbreak and most of humanity is dead or undead. A prisoner, Murphy, was experimented on and given an experimental vaccine that made him immune to zombie bites. Instead, it is slowly turning him into something else completely. His blood is a hot commodity and he, and his band of followers make their way through the world assisted by Citizen Z in the hope that his blood can help mankind.

The series follows the hero’s journey from New York to the Center for Disease Control in California. This journey stretches for the earlier of the 70 episodes.

Z Nation stars Harold Perrineau as Hammond, Tom Everett Scott as Garnett, DJ Qualls as Citizen Z, Kellita Smith as Warren, Michael Welch as Mack and Keith Allan as Alvin Murphy. It’s a solid cast that has been well chosen and work well together.

Z Nation season 1

Season 1 is 13 episodes long and is the scene setter. We get to meet the main early characters, get to see the world and understand what’s going on. The team get together and begin to work their way from New Jersey across to Colorado dealing with zombies, villains, raiders and survivors along the way. All overseen by Citizen Z on his computers.

It’s a solid start to the series and is credible in its delivery of a zombie apocalypse. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and isn’t scared to poke fun at itself which is a good thing.

Z Nation season 2

After surviving the end of season 1, the gang try to find Murphy. Citizen Z puts a price on his head to help the cause but Murphy is too busy trying to have fun rather than save mankind. We get 15 episodes this time round and the follow the gang through to an impressive looking post-apocalyptic Los Angeles.

Z Nation season 3

Z Nation season 3 is 16 episodes long and sees the gang up against an entirely new breed of zombie. Murphy starts a cult and then settles his own town in Murphytown. The rest of the gang do their own thing and variously support Murphy and not before all reuniting for the final couple of episodes.

Z Nation season 4

Z Nation season 4 goes in a different direction in its 13 episodes with a bit of time travel and Murphy and Warren ending up in a place called Zona. The rest of the gang continue their fight against the zombies while our two heroes have to contend with an even more serious variant of the zombie virus.

Z Nation season 5

Z Nation season 5 also has 13 episodes and is a more general humans vs zombies tale with the group fighting various zombie and outlaw gangs along with militia and the Talkers. It’s a mixed tale that retains the same quality and humor but with no obvious overarching storyline. That’s no bad thing though as you’ll find out.

Will Netflix take on Z Nation?

I’m not sure Netflix will continue Z Nation. Despite the active fanbase and various petitions and social media campaigns, I think the subject has been done to death. Literally. Zombies were great fun for a while and saw us through some tough times in real life. The zombie action we saw was a result of what was going on in the real world and I think we have moved past that into something else.

There is a lot of zombie content out there and while good, Z Nation didn’t offer anything unique or interesting enough that couldn’t be encapsulated in 70 episodes. While cheap to make, I don’t think there will be a season 6 of Z Nation.

What did you think of Z Nation? Watch all five seasons? Like it? Want to see more? Tell us about it below!

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23 thoughts on “Will Netflix or Amazon Prime Pick Up Z Nation for Season 6?”

Krzysiek says:
To zrobią ten 6 sezon czy nie?? Proszeee
johannes says:
Z Nation moet verder gaan net als Walking dead vele seizoenen heeft gemaakt die ik iedere keer met veel plezier volg en zal blijven volgen.Geef Z nation niet zo maar op en breng hier ook nog enkele seizoenen van uit.Dit is een heel goede reeks en moet blijven verder gaan zolang het kan.Voor mij mogen er nog eens zoveel seizoenen bijkomen ze zijn echt heel goed.
Gavin Hamilton says:
Just watched all 5 seasons in 4 days loved it need to finish up with another season! With the same crew great all rounded programme pls!!!!!!!
Alyssa says:
We need to finish Znation! sign the petition at
Alexandra Bobaru says:
Znation was very distinct from other zombies tv shows/ movies. It was all you need in one.
Fun, Zombies, Action, Adventure, a bit of Romance. This is the type of tv shows that most people want to watch. Black summer is quite good as well but simply it can’t replace Znation. I would love more Z nation seasons of course with the same characters.
Jade says:
Omg need more u cant leave it like this the best series yet bring more z nation plssssss
Sharon says:
More please know the characters bring it back I would like spiked weapon as a souvenier can u buy them luv it
Tonya Harris says:
I watch season 1_5 5x already they need to make a season 6 I love Znation
Gabe Cont says:
Save this wonderful show bring Znation back sign the petition on
Jayzee says:
Just binged watched all 5 seasons loved it.
Jenny says:
This was one of the only shows my husband and I could watch together. I love all things zombie/alien/apocolyptic and he…doesn’t. But this show was witty and clever enough to capture both of us and make us huge fans.
Alicia says:
Z nation was the far the best show I have watched on Netflix, you can’t leave it where murfey gets the cure, that’s not an good ending. I love the characters, it’s so interesting.. I would pay to see more.
Mariella says:
Yeaaa same
Jente Devogelaer says:
We can’t lose this A-M-A-Z-I-N-G tv-show! We have to do something, guys!
I am hooked on this show. my favorite zombie show, please keep this show on
Alyssa says:
I want more!!!! You leave it with Murphy HAVING THE CURE AND IT COULD TAKE A WHOLE 360 TURN AND WE GET LEFT IN THE DARK. I’m hoping there will be another. It was wonderful
Justin says:
Show needs to come back ASAP
Carolyn Stubbs says:
Please don’t take z nation off of nextflix if y’all do I cancel my nextflix.
Chantiss says:
Please continue making Z nation…don’t stop! We all love it…you making us so sad not giving us all more seasons.. please!!!
Ashlie Clark says:
I’m so upset about this my whole family an I loved this shows. I would definitely pay to watch season 6. Period
Lisa says:
Please bring black Z Nation Netflix. I love love love this show. I was heartbroken to find out it was cancelled. It only makes sense, since Netflix has Black Summer. Pretty please
Lisa says:
Love ZNation, Just found out no season 6
Very Bummed. Favorite show love the dark humor!! Netflix please pick up show!!
Maija herskind says:
Jennifer Johnson says:
Yes there needs to be a 6th season to finish off season 5. Season 5 didnt have a end to it there for season 6 needs to finish. I love this show and characters. One of the best zombie shows. Please consider part 6
Markess says:
The show was very different from the usual zombie flicks & I loved it for that ! I’ve watched the show more than once thanks to Netflix. Netflix needs to bring the show back for another season !(fingers crossed)
Cj Castanos says:
Z Nation was fantastic! Wish it would have continued. Netflix should of picked it up if SYFY couldn’t produce it anymore, Instead of make a prequel. Black summer will fail because we have gotten attached to the characters of Z nation and it will not be the same. From each character to episode, we grew with these characters through their journey, heart break, success and fails. Bring it back! #znation #bringZback
Camille says:
I can’t get enough of it. Watching seasons one through 5 on Netflix for the third time.
Tom Jarrett says:
That show was great drove me crazy waiting for the next episode. Was addicted from day one an never missed a episode.
It is better than the walking dead by far always had me laughing,even on bad days the show made my day better. Its truly a shame they qwit on use,hopefully netflix saves the day.
Val Potrzuski says:
Love the show. Watched it more than once. I think someone, whether Netflix or other, should continue on with it and I think it would still have a great following. Great acting, writing and storyline and funny as hell!
CRistoph says:
You know what, I really Hope this show is picked up by a streaming service for, if not a whole season, atleast three more episodes. Just to wrap everything up. Cure the talkers, build a nation, let Doc and Kuruk get together, bring Red and Ten-K into a real relationship, explain what’s up with warren. Just close it all out nice and cleanly
Dan says:
Totally agreed. The ending left with too many incomplete story scene not shown. One more season 6 to wrap up the completed storyline will be perfect show for z nation.

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