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Will Netflix or Amazon Prime Pick Up Shooter Season 4?

Will Netflix or Amazon Prime Pick Up Shooter Season 4?

Despite a mixed reception for its third season, the USA Original series Shooter still has fans and people still want to see a fourth season. While a petition or call to action on social media has yet to help make any moves on the ground floor, there’s still plenty of time for the show to get picked up—especially as the show continues to gain a following online. So if USA isn’t interested in a fourth season of their original program, fans have been asking about the alternative: would Netflix or Hulu pick up Shooter? Would Amazon use some of their extra entertainment cash to get a fourth run of episodes about Ryan Philippe’s sniper?

As of July 2019, reports all point towards the negative on a new season following Bob Lee Swagger, with talks still ongoing around the industry. Let’s take a look at Shooter, whether it’s worth watching, and the chances it gets picked back up for air on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

A Brand New Adaptation

Shooter is an American TV series adapted from the novel series by Stephen Hunter. It was initially turned into a movie starring Mark Wahlberg in 2007, who later went on to serve as executive producer on the TV show. The series revolves around an ex-Marine sniper calls Bob Lee Swagger and the usual international shadowy organization filled with menacing figures and a few good snipers.

Season one of Shooter begins with Swagger’s former commanding officer asking him to scout a location where the US and Ukrainian presidents will make a public speech. The Ukrainian president is killed by a sniper and Swagger is implicated. Cue the cat and mouse game as authorities try to apprehend Swagger while he tries to clear his name. Thankfully, he isn’t alone. His long-suffering wife Julie Swagger supports him while Secret Service and FBI characters begin to support him in Nadine Memphis and eventually his old boss Isaac Johnson.

A season later, we pick up in Germany at a reunion for Swagger’s old Marine unit. The unit are gradually being killed off and Swagger’s only lead leaves him to believe it has something to do with burning millions of dollars of drugs while in Afghanistan. Season two was faster-paced, offering action thrills that were new to USA. Solotov, the season’s overarching villain, in particular was somewhat one-dimensional but played very well. Unfortunately, the season was reduced to only eight episodes after Philippe injured himself off set.

Season three of Shooter is about Swagger’s father and his dealings in Vietnam. He joins a super-secret unit in the military that turned into the shadowy organization Swagger has been chasing all this time. The third  is more believable than the first two seasons, but much slower paced. There are a lot of moody looks and scenes of agonized self-reflection and the series doesn’t have anything like the energy of the previous two outings. It did, however, have 13 episodes, making it the longest season to date.

Why did Shooter end?

Despite doing very well in the first two season, the abrupt end and clunky resolution of season two did not sit well with fans. Series three was a completely different tone and didn’t go down very well either. As someone who watched Shooter, it seemed the producers ran out of energy or money to finish it properly so did it as quickly and as cheaply as possible.

The dip in audience caused USA Network to cancel the series. While the first season of the show was pulling a .5 ratings share almost every episode (a solid amount for a cable show in the summer) and season two saw only a small dip, season three saw a drop down to .2 for almost the entire season, leaving the show dead in the water. That isn’t necessarily the end of it though, as the production company is still shopping the show for potential buyers. So while it is the end for now, it may not be the end forever.

What are the chances of Netflix picking up Shooter?

Netflix has remained tight-lipped about any engagement with Shooter. So that doesn’t mean yes and doesn’t mean no. There are significant challenges with taking on a show like Shooter though. Netflix has an excellent grip on global media. It is one of the few American companies that realizes there is a whole world out there that doesn’t think like we do. Shooter is about as American as it gets. Nobody else in the world would call a character Bob Lee. Nowhere else in the world would a sniper who kills people be venerated. Nowhere else in the world would the general public know the difference between a hollow point bullet and a full metal jacket.

Making Shooter accessible to an international audience is difficult. The show is shot and set predominantly in America except for a short stint to Germany and ‘Afghanistan’ which looked remarkably like America. It’s about someone for whom guns is a way of life. Again, something other countries just do not appreciate. It is based in Texas, with lots of Texan characters, Stetsons, cowboy boots, desert sand and guns. Again, something very difficult to take to an international audience. That’s before we even mention the wider societal concerns we have about real-life shooters!

Netflix is an international company and one of the reasons for its success is the appreciation that while massively important, the American audience is only half the size of Europe or a third of the size of India or Asia. It may well be that the elements that made Shooter so successful in the US will ultimately limit its ability to be resurrected for a fourth season.

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30 thoughts on “Will Netflix or Amazon Prime Pick Up Shooter Season 4?”

Laura says:
Absolutely deserving of season 4. Loved this series!
Que says:
This is my 2nd time binge watching Shooters. This was great all 3 Seasons. Season 4 needs to happen. Swagger’s father killer is still alive and he killed his wife… The story line is their “Revenge”
AJ says:
We just binged watched all 3 seasons. Best series we’ve watched. Hopeful for more seasons!
Khb says:
I did too. Now I want season 4 but we probably won’t get it. #MarkWahlberg can you do something?
Carl says:
Please do a season 4-5 ….., we love this series.
Toni says:
Shooter is a great series! My husband and I have binge watched all 3 seasons! Definitely needs to carry on. Netflix please pick it up!
Cherlyn says:
I have binge watched all three seasons of this show twice now. I don’t understand how it got cancelled on USA. Netflix, please bring it back.
Dave says:
Love this show! I cant leave my house much for many reasons. So I have been through a lot of tv series, I’m talking all th dubbed ones aswell, which I hate. I’ve become very picky, and this is number one.
Art Presser says:
If there is a season 4, I’m all in.
Tonya Corley says:
My husband and I have binged watched Shooter all summer and just finished the last episode of Season 3 last night. I don’t see how anyone could say it lacked the drama because we thought it was the best of all three season. Please pick it up on another network!
Tim says:
9 November 2019 I am 58 years old I’ve watched many different TV shows and series series in my lifetime and shooter is the best series I’ve ever seen in my life I was on The edge of my seat through all three seasons and in fact I thought each season got better again this was the best action series I’ve ever seen in my life I was so disappointed when it ended and found out that it wasn’t coming back for season four please bring it back with all the characters this was the best series I’ve ever seen in my life Tim from home of Fitness ( and trampolines ) Mississauga Ontario
Joanne Zache says:
Have been binge watching Shooter. This is a really good show. Would love to see more seasons, PLEASE!!!
CC says:
Love Shooter!! Bummed to lose Julie, but the New organization and Bob Lee could easily lead to another amazing journey for years to come!
Pamela Murphy says:
Love Shooter would love to see season 4
Amanda says:
Please bring back shooter with a season 4! I love this show!
Eric S. says:
Netflix owes it to us, its customers, to produce another 3 or 4 seasons of Shooter. After all, the price of a Netflix subscription just keeps increasing. Give the Shooter fans what they want!
anne says:
Please bring back shooter! My husband and I just finished watching all 3 seasons and are depressed that there is no more. This is one of the very best shows on netflix or anywhere. There needs to be many more seasons!
Tay says:
Netflix needs to have Shooter’s six for season 4 and Hulu and amazon can be on overwatch.. just in case!
Rene says:
Shooter is the best series I have watched in a very long while. I binged watch all 3 seasons in 3 days. I feel a hole in my heart at the moment because there is no season 4 and so many story lines to pursue. Please bring back Bobby-Lee and Isaac Johnson to my living room.
Evelina Piccoli says:
I am in the process of a 3 day-shooter- binge…Netflix do us a solid. Season 4 please.
Nova Beck says:
Just found this series loved it. Not usually my kind of show but this one grabs you and hangs on. Cancelling because low ratings does not mean the show is not great it means someone did not do their job advertising it. I seen it for the first time this week and have watched all three seasons. It is really good tv and there is not much of that out there. Would love to see a season four.
Amanda says:
Shooter was freaking amazing… Binge watched all 3 seasons in a matter of a few days.. couldn’t stop after I started.. Bob Lee is fierce.. please bring back this show..
gatorgirl says:
I wish a network would pick up this series! It was really good!
Rocky says:
I stumbled upon Shooter, read the plot and started watching it. I started season one yesterday and I am about to start season three episode three. I hope Netflix picks it up because I would love to see a season four.
Randy Werner says:
Just started watching this series and can’t stop. Great acting … Excellent plot … Being it back for season 4 … 5 … 6 and more
TN says:
Bring Shooter Season 4 to Netflix
Ryan says:
Didn’t know it was a show as it wasn’t publicized enough! Watched it on Netflix’s and me and mine are hooked! Please bring back a angry SHOOTER who is on the long gun! AMERICAN SNIPER is a classic bring back the long gun!
Brandy says:
So true! Just found it also-bought all three seasons!
Mike says:
I want to see an even more angry Bobby Lee Swagger. I feel like this is just the beginning. New Atlas, single father Bobby Lee, it could get really interesting and intense. Please bring it back anyway you can. Look at none traditional. We keep hearing Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, etc. but how about any one of the big guys. Warner Media. I feel like it fits them so feel. My 2 cents
Tyler says:
Christine says:
Cameron Taylor says:
Mark says:
Maybe Netflix can pick it up and ruin it the way they did Designated Survivor.
Simon B says:
Yep, they just cut all the best from the show and then cancelled it anyway.
I was close to cancelling my netflix account for that (which I never even considered before then).
Bill says:
I thought this was a great show. Netflix should pick it up at least
Dave says:
I like the series shooter i will be nice for season 4
Ryan says:
Please bring back season 4. It is such a good show and shouldn’t be rated weekly as people watch most episodes on the weekend.
Leigh von Hoelle says:
This would be a perfect fit for Netflix. I keep watching for Season 4 as i was an avid watcher and would love to see if on Netflix.
McGraw says:
A lot of excellent series have been cancelled due to low ratings. I, for one, do not watch most weekly series due to time constraints and numerous interrupting commercials. I do, however, prefer to binge watch a whole season, so how can networks know what is well received and popular by just monitoring weekly viewing? Loved Shooter and hope it is picked up for season 4 by some network.
Cornell says:
Yep, just finished binge watched all three seasons. The first few episodes did not have a solid hook, but after getting into it, was hooked for more seasons.
Tracy Sampson says:
I hope Netflix or someone picks up shooter. It’s an awesome show.

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