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Why is the Samsung a20 So Cheap and Affordable?

Why is the Samsung a20 So Cheap and Affordable?

If you’re looking for a new phone, you’ve probably been comparing various models for a while. That can be very stressful, especially for people who aren’t into technology that much. If your budget’s limited and you want to purchase a phone from mid-range series, the chances are that you’ve noticed the Samsung A20.

This phone seems decent, and it has all of the essential characteristics of a quality smartphone. When you’ve seen its price, you’ve probably got even more excited. But you might be wondering why it is so cheap. Is there anything you should know about it?

Why So Cheap?

Samsung has different models for different types of customers. They know that everyone has different needs. It has fancy models for geeks. It has phones that cost a small fortune, though some of them can replace a professional camera or even a computer.

On the other hand, some people prefer to spend money on other things. The Samsung A20 has everything an average user needs at a very affordable price. It doesn’t mean that this is a bad phone; it’s just not top quality. Top-quality costs a lot, and Samsung didn’t try to hide that.

Let’s learn more about the Samsung A20.

samsung a20 so cheap

It’s There for Everyday Users

This model looks very beautiful and elegant. It’s easy to use, and it feels nice in hand. But any experienced smartphone user will note the difference between this model and more expensive ones.

You can take photos, place calls, do video conferences, use social media, etc. You can even stream your favorite TV show on your A20. You probably won’t like the resolution of the screen, but we’ll talk about it later. This phone aims at people who use their phones for communication and entertainment.

They won’t be disappointed, as the software is pretty good, the battery is excellent, and the network is working just fine.

However, if you have to use your phone for work, photo editing, or if you want to play games with high-quality graphics, this might not be the best choice for you. The same goes for those who need to store a lot of video material or other large files on their phones.

Low Display Resolution

Samsung A20 comes with HD+ resolution, which is significantly less than most of the modern smartphones. It isn’t intolerable, but it’s one of the reasons why Samsung was able to offer this model at such a competitive price point.

The screen isn’t sharp enough, and the text can get fuzzy. That’s especially irritating if you spend a lot of time on your phone or if you have to read work-related stuff on it. If you’re really sensitive, you might even get a headache.

If you want to use your phone for photo editing, you’ll probably be disappointed. In that case, we suggest you opt for a model with a better resolution. Samsung has many such models, and their prices aren’t that much higher.

Low Memory

It’s very individual what someone considers low memory. But let’s say that if you’re used to a phone with decent storage capacity, you may find Samsung A20 lacking. This model comes with 32GB native storage. If you a lot of different apps or have a lot of videos, this may not be enough for you.

Of course, you can always buy a memory card and solve this problem. There is also an option to store your stuff on the Internet Cloud. Finally, you can store excess media on a laptop or desktop computer.

Mediocre Camera

Although we were positively surprised by the characteristics of this camera, we also noted some issues. Samsung is putting a lot of work into improving the camera with every new model, but some are still better than others. The A20 isn’t among the best Samsung models in this department.

Here we have a reliable 13MP rear camera with an additional 5MP wide-angle shooter.

When it comes to daylight photos, they’re almost impeccable. Good job, Samsung! However, photos taken inside are a bit disappointing. It seems that the camera needs perfect lighting to make a decent photo. Things in the background aren’t always visible, and sometimes they can be blurred unnaturally.

Unfortunately, the situation with the front camera is even worse. If you want to take a beautiful selfie, you’ll have to go outdoors and wait for ideal light. We weren’t satisfied with the quality of selfies taken indoors, even less with those taken at night.

We want to point out that this model probably wouldn’t satisfy photography lovers. Moreover, if you’re passionate about growing your Instagram profile and want to post high-quality photos, this model isn’t the right choice for you.

samsung a20

Decision Time

That’s it, folks. That’s why the Samsung A20 is so affordable. However, that doesn’t mean that it will stop working or fail you. Not at all. It is a very reliable phone, and it will serve you for years.

What do you think about the Samsung Galaxy A20? Would you consider it, and if not, what was the deal-breaker? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments section below.

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Robert zuick says:
It says the a20 5g comes with 32gb. If that’s not enough get a memory card. Is that a sim card. I have a sim card. What happens if you go over the 32gb. Will it not take photos.

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