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Will There Be a Season 4 of The Crown?

Will There Be a Season 4 of The Crown?

The Crown is one of Netflix’s most popular shows, even if the wait between seasons two and three felt unbearable. It make sense that fans would be frothing at the house to see what happens next with Queen Elizabeth and the rest of the royals. So, will The Crown be returning for a fourth season?

Let’s address that burning question straight away. Yes, season four of The Crown has been confirmed for Netflix. It’s easy to see why: the ratings for this show are too good, both from the critics and audiences worldwide. It currently holds an 89% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is no small feat. If you’re wondering about when season four of The Crown will arrive, and if additional seasons are planned, read on to find out.

When Will Season 4 of the Crown Be Released?

We expect season 4 to arrive on Netflix in November or December of this year. The Crown has always been a late fall release for the streaming service, and the filming of the fourth season began back in August 2019, giving post-production plenty of time to finish work on the show. The official date isn’t out yet, but many people working on the show already confirmed that it’s most certainly coming. Even the show’s IMDB page features a 2020 release date.

Keep your eyes open for an official reveal, and for the long-expected trailer of the fourth season. Netflix hasn’t released it yet, but it should arrive sometime this summer to hype up the audience.

the crown

What About the Cast?

As you already know, the cast of the Crown changes every couple of seasons to reflect the aging of the characters. Here are some of the confirmed cast that will remain from season three.

  • Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth II
  • Josh O’Connor as Prince Charles
  • Tobias Menzies as Prince Philip
  • Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret
  • Emerald Fennell as Camilla Parker Bowles
  • Ben Daniels stars as Antony Armstrong Jones
    season 3

Other members of the cast from season 3 can also be expected to appear in season 4. The greatest addition to the show will be Gillian Anderson, who plays the Iron Lady, former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. She will surely deliver a formidable performance of an extremely complex, controversial, and important figure in UK history. Anderson is best known for her role in The X-Files, where she played the lead female role Dana Scully.

Another fantastic character coming to the show will be none other than Princess Diana. She will be played by Emma Corrin, a young and very promising rising star. The actress is thrilled about the role and hopes to deliver a worthy portrayal of the iconic princess.

What Do We Know About the Plot?

The plot of season four is yet to be completely confirmed, but we have an idea about what’s going to happen. The newest season will portray the events from 1977 to the early 90s. The events in this timeline are very interesting. According to the Times, season four of The Crown will depict the Falklands War, the Miner’s Strike in 1984, and a dispute over Apartheid in South Africa, between the Queen and the Prime Minister.

We might also see the assassination attempt on the Queen at 1981 Trooping of the Color. We might also see the intrusion into Buckingham Palace by Michael Fagan, who slipped past security.

Surely, the season will portray the wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles and the birth of their two sons. The show will also follow the infidelity of Prince Charles, his relationship and the complexities of his relationship with Camilla Shand.

There were many other interesting events in this time period, and who knows which ones will be cherry-picked by the show’s creator, Peter Morgan. Ronald Reagan is bound to appear at some stage as well, and the season should cover his relationship with her majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

The Future of the Show

With season four filming, it’s time to worry about the future of the show. Thankfully, we know exactly what to expect—Netflix renewed the show for a fifth and final season. Though The Crown was originally planned to be a six season show (with the cast changing every two seasons), creator Peter Morgan announced that season five felt like the right time to end the show. He confirmed that season five would end with the show heading into the 2000s, and also confirmed the new actress taking over for Colman: Imelda Staunton.

Younger audiences will know this brilliant actress from her role in Harry Potter. She played an incredibly wicked Hogwarts professor, Dolores Umbridge. The rest of the cast is yet to be announced, and like the break between seasons two and three, this final season may not arrive until 2022 or later.

The Crown Is Far from Over

Don’t worry, The Crown isn’t ending anytime soon. Like we said, season four is confirmed for late 2020, with the fifth and final season to follow. We’re most excited to see Princess Diana and Margaret Thatcher portrayed in season 4. We also can’t wait to see more of Helena Bonham Carter as Princess Margaret.

Do you share the same sentiment? Who are your favorite actors on the show? Let us know in the comments section below.

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