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Can Sprint Wipe My iPhone Remotely

Can Sprint Wipe My iPhone Remotely

Getting your phone lost and stolen is no small issue, as there’s always the risk of it falling into the wrong hands with your precious files intact. Like losing a device that costs hundreds of dollars isn’t enough of a problem in itself, having all your files and contacts accessed by a complete stranger makes this even worse.

Fortunately, there are ways to wipe your device remotely, as well as to keep it better protected in case of such horrible occurrences. Stay with us to find out more about this.

Sprint’s Wiping Method

Sprint has iPhone apps and an exclusive subscription program that can help you recover after such an event, but is there a way for it to help wipe your phone clean?

Sprint’s Wiping Method

Safe & Found

This Sprint-made app is the only known solution related to both Sprint and remotely wiping the phone memory. It’s an app meant for families that works on both iPhones and iPads. The app has the ability to locate your family’s devices, lock them, wipe their content, and it comes with an SOS button that allows for sending alerts to your family.

As it usually goes with these apps, you need to have them installed on your phone at the time of its disappearance. Otherwise, you’re in trouble unless you’re a Sprint Complete or Sprint Total Equipment Protection (TEP) customer, which is something we’ll come back to later.

Protective Methods

The Native Method

Apple’s native app, “Find My iPhone”, is the most popular way to wipe your phone remotely. You can either go to, or use the same app on another Apple device. Here’s how to do this from another Apple device:

  1. From the Home screen (or the folder “Extras”), select “Find iPhone.”
  2. You need to type your Apple ID and password. Proceed by tapping “Sign In.”
  3. Should the system ask you if you need to confirm that the app can make changes, tap “Allow.” Wait while the app looks for Apple devices that are nearby.
  4. Find your device and choose it by tapping it.
  5. Continue by going to “Actions.”
  6. Select “Erase iPhone.”
  7. Go through the warning message one last time and tap “Erase iPhone” to confirm your decision.
  8. When prompted, you’ll have to put in your Apple ID and password once more, then tap the “Erase” button. This will delete all settings and files, keeping your data from falling into the wrong hands.

Protective Methods Other Than Clearing the Phone

If the Native App Is Working

If your “Find my iPhone” app is enabled and your phone is turned on, there are alternatives to phone wiping, as you can also try the following:

  1. See if your device is actually close to you; for example, in your home. Playing a sound using this app makes doing this easy.
  2. Try the “Lost Mode” feature. This way, you can lock the device with a passcode. It also displays a message with a phone number on the lost device’s Lock screen. You can also track the phone’s location, but this is not always recommended, depending on your location. Payments cannot be processed while “Lost Mode” is on.
  3. “Family Sharing” lets a family member help with the search. By signing in to iCloud with their ID, they’re all set.
  4. Try filing a claim for a device that is stolen or lost if your iPhone was previously covered by the “AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss” protection plan.
    Sprint’s Wiping Method

What If the App Is Not Working?

You can’t track or locate your iPhone if the app isn’t working, but you can try something else, such as:

  1. Changing the ID. Your Apple ID is connected with most of Apple applications. If you manage to change it first, only you get to access your phone’s data.
  2. Changing as many passwords as possible. Don’t forget that you can edit other applications’ password, such as the one for your email client. Doing this quickly enough drastically reduces the thief’s chances of accessing your private correspondence.
  3. Reporting the phone. You can also report theft of the device to local law enforcement. Make sure that you remember the iPhone’s serial number, as you’ll be asked for it.

After Getting a New Device

Thanks to its apps, Sprint can help make these accidents less painful in the future for you if you’re their customer. Here is how:

  1. Sprint Complete
    Sprint Complete is Sprint’s exclusive program that comes with lots of benefits, one of those being “Next-day replacement,” which you can use to ask for a phone replacement as soon as it gets lost or stolen. This way, you’re paying way less than you would pay for getting a new device altogether.Sprint Complete is also the name of the iOS app which, while it doesn’t really help with your phone getting lost or stolen, lets you get unlimited tips and help from a US-based “Tech Expert.” Keep this in mind if you manage to get a replacement device, as this app might help you with tech emergencies and getting phone tips. The only catch is that you need to be subscribed to some of the two programs previously mentioned, in which case you’ve likely got the app already.
  2. Sprint Complete Storage
    Sprint Complete Storage gives you five gigabytes of free cloud storage if you’re a Sprint customer. This will certainly ease your pain in the future, as you can save your data online, making remote wiping much less painful. Besides that, the app lets you encrypt your files, as well as restore them whenever you feel like it.If you don’t have this app installed yet, what are you waiting for? Download it, install, and back up your files so they can be safe no matter what happens. If you’re a trusty Sprint customer that’s subscribed to the Complete or TEP program, the cloud storage space that you get is unlimited. What’s not to like?

Dealing with Loss

Being a Sprint customer who uses their apps or a “Find My iPhone” user might make everything easier. If not, just report the device as stolen as quickly as possible and hope for the best. Sprint’s strong suit are apps that make facing the aftermath more tolerable, so make sure to install those after getting a new device. Other than that, being more careful always helps.

Have you ever lost your phone? If so, what was the first thing you did once you realized it had happened*you have lost your phone Do you have any suggestions that would help other readers? Share your tips and experiences in the comments below.

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