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Use CHMOD File Permissions In Windows With This Free Utility

If you are accustomed to using the Windows file permission interface, the Linux chmod permission numbering can be confusing. You may run into this problem when setting up a web site or FTP server on Windows which says something like “chmod the permissions on folder X to 755” as the documentation may assume you are running Linux. To make the Windows “translation” easy, give the free utility CHMOD-Win a try.

CHMOD-Win will convert the Unix-based security number to a Windows compatible version. Linux webservers use a 3-digit security number to assign permissions to a file or folder dictating which users can read, write, and/or execute a script or file.

Windows uses a much more easily understood GUI-Based security descriptor, that more people are comfortable with. CHMOD-Win 2.3 converts between these two to allow webserver owners on both sides of *nix-Windows void to share webscripts securely without compromise of security settings and user rights.

While this isn’t something you would use every day, it is a good tool for a system admin to know about.

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One thought on “Use CHMOD File Permissions In Windows With This Free Utility”

Angelo Beltran says:
I had this issue a while back where I had to change the CHMOD settings for a directory from Windows. This tool would have cut my solution time by half.

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