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Will There Be a Season 2 of Virgin River?

Will There Be a Season 2 of Virgin River?

Virgin River is a brand-new lemonade show brewed by Netflix. It has just enough zest and is really refreshing. If you’re a fan of romance and drama, then this show is definitely for you. Or are you already part of the hype train?

If so, we’ve got some great news: Virgin River has just renewed for a second season! This was confirmed by Netflix, and the follow-up season is probably coming in late 2020. Keep reading to find out more details, and to learn about the show’s history, cast, and even get a quick recap of what happened in season one.

When to Expect the Second Season of Virgin River?

The first season of Virgin River was only released on December 6th, 2020. That was only a month ago from the writing of this article. The show was well received and garnered interest from thousands of viewers worldwide.

Actually, people loved the show so much that Netflix decided to renew it straight away. As in, the second season is already being filmed. Things are moving super-fast, which is a great thing. Netflix knows that its audience is impatient and always hungry for more binge-worthy material.

To that end, Virgin River is definitely worth binging. Furthermore, it’s captivating and really lived up to the books it was based on. More on that later, however. For now, let’s focus on the release of the second season.

The new season is almost certainly coming in 2020, most likely this fall or winter. You shouldn’t get your hopes up for an early release, but who knows with Netflix. They keep surprising us with great content left, right and center. The second season is confirmed, but the release date is still a mystery and no further details have been confirmed yet.

Oh, and the trailer for the second season has yet to be released. Keep your eyes out because it should drop pretty soon.

virgin river

The Cast

The cast for the second season of the Virgin River is also not confirmed yet. Most likely, we’re going to see everyone from season one back in their previous roles. This cast is a big part of the series’ success:

  1. Alexandra Breckenridge killed her role of Melinda (Mel) Monroe,
  2. Martin Henderson played Jack Sheridan,
  3. Jenny Cooper was Joey Barnes,
  4. Annette O’Toole played Hope McCrea,
  5. Tim Matheson played Vernon (Doc) Mullins
  6. Colin Lawrence was John (Preacher) Middleton, and
  7. Lauren Hammersley played Charmaine Roberts.

Obviously, people were most excited to see Alexandra Breckenridge, who starred in the Walking Dead, American Horror Story, True Blood, etc. Martin Henderson is also very popular thanks to his roles in Grey’s Anatomy and House. The rest of the cast is pretty recognizable as well.

Short Season One Recap

To recap, Virgin River is about a nurse who decided to move to a peaceful small town, which turns out to be much more lively than it appears. The show has beautiful scenery, with shots of nature, mountains, and hills.

But the show is mostly about romance, so expect all the emotion, love, and turmoil that follows. In many ways, it’s the perfect show for the winter, perfect for curling up under a warm blanket, with some tea or hot chocolate, while you watch the drama unfold.

The acting and the characters are magnificent, and so is the music score. To avoid any spoilers, we’ll simply say that you should definitely watch the show if you haven’t already.


The Source Material

Virgin River wouldn’t be anywhere near as good if it wasn’t based on the critically acclaimed novels by Robyn Carr. Robyn is a New York Times bestselling author, and Virgin River is one of her most notable works.

There are over 20 novels about the Virgin River, so don’t worry about the future of the show. Hopefully, the show’s producers will stay true to the books, instead of spoiling the series like so many others (Game of Thrones, cough, cough).

The rest of the books are similar to what you’ve already seen in season one, so you can expect more of the same. Most people like that. After all, this is a nice, relaxing love drama, which doesn’t take itself too seriously, nor should it.

The Hype Is Real

Netflix does it again! They’ve made another hit series based on really good source material. That, mixed with a great cast with good chemistry, is a recipe for success. Hopefully, they won’t rush the second season, despite all the nagging from the fans!

It’s better to wait a little longer, and have an equally good, or even better follow-up season, than a lukewarm, rushed-out mess. Not to jinx it, but we doubt that Netflix will fail. So far, they’ve an excellent track record and will surely keep it that way.

Did you binge-watch the Virgin River? Who’s your favorite character on the show? What do you think will happen in season two? Let us know in the comments section below.

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