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The Best ChatGPT Extensions for VS Code

Thanks to AI advancements, several tools can now write code based on your input and requirements. Not only does this speed up code delivery, but it also helps you understand the issue with the code and help debug it. Thanks to ChatGPT, it is all possible now. If you use Visual Studio or VS, you can use a ChatGPT extension for VS Code to boost...

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Add headshot to Linked In

How to Create an AI Headshot for Your LinkedIn Profile

Wondering how every person on LinkedIn has a professional-looking profile photo? The answer is using an AI headshot generator. They help generate professional pictures that can be used on your LinkedIn profile, all from


How to Get ChatGPT API Key

AI tools like ChatGPT can help boost your productivity by writing emails, articles, and more. Using plugins, you can further boost the capabilities of ChatGPT and integrate it with some of your favorite apps and

OpenAI website - developers of ChatGPT
Google Bard on Smartphone

How to Enable Bard in Google Workspace

Google Bard is among the hottest AI tools available. Google has been constantly improving its AI chatbot, and now even lets you integrate Bard with Drive, Docs, and Gmail. While Bard is now publicly available,


How to Create a Customized Version of ChatGPT

ChatGPT has rapidly evolved since its launch. It started out as a chatbot but has since then gotten smarter. You can now even upload and analyze PDFs in ChatGPT to speed up your workflow. If

How to Create a Customized Version of ChatGPT
How to Upload and Analyze PDFs in ChatGPT

ChatGPT: How to Upload and Analyze PDFs

ChatGPT, the revolutionary AI chatbot, is getting better each day. Apart from giving you information about almost everything in a chat format, ChatGPT is also capable of going through your PDFs and helping you extract


What Is ChatGPT: Your Ultimate Guide to AI Chatbot

Unless you're living under a rock, you probably have heard about ChatGPT, a chatbot that has taken the Internet by storm. Since its release, people have found creative ways to use ChatGPT, from building

ChatGPT opened in browser of an iPhone
Homepage of ChatGPT

ChatGPT vs. Google Bard Comparison: How Are the Two AI Tools Different?

Thanks to ChatGPT, AI language tools have never been more popular. While the field is now rich with competitors like Jasper.Chat, BingAI, ChatSonic, and more, ChatGPT still dominates the market. Many consider Google's


The 10 Best ChatGPT Plugins to Use

If you've been using ChatGPT to increase your productivity, then you should try out its plugins to get even better results. These ChatGPT add-ons further enhance the power of the AI tool, including

ChatGPT running on desktop