Did Netflix Pick Up Zoo Season 4?

Posted by Arch on September 17, 2018

TV shows come and go on a regular basis, with many of them never reaching the natural end of their stories. Due to fierce competition, many shows get canceled midway, often ending on a cliffhanger or in the midst of a buildup.

Needless to say, it can get very frustrating when one of your favorite shows ends without resolution. CBS’s “Zoo” is one such show. After the third season, which ended on a huge cliffhanger, CBS canceled the series on October 23, 2017. Read onto find out if “Zoo” is coming back for season four.

The Series Summary

The CBS thriller series “Zoo” centers on the expert zoologist Jackson Oz (played by James Wolk). The show kicks off with Oz working as a safari guide. During one of the tours, he notices that the animals are behaving strangely aggressive and decides to look into the issue. As time passes by, the attacks against humans become more brutal and better coordinated, but there’s more than meets the eye.

Along with Wolk, the cast also includes Nonso Anozie as Abraham Kenyatta, Kristen Connolly as Jamie Campbell, Billy Burke as Dr. Mitch Morgan, Alyssa Diaz as Dariela Marzan, Josh Salatin as Logan, and Nora Arnezeder as Chloe Tousignant. The series is based on the novel of the same name written by Michael Ledwidge and the legendary James Patterson (Mr. Patterson also served as one of the executive producers). Scott Rosenberg, Jeff Pinkner, Andre Nemec, and Josh Appelbaum were in charge of the script, while the master of horror John Carpenter wrote the title theme.

The Initial Run

The show initially ran on CBS for three seasons. It premiered back in the summer of 2015 with a 13-episode opening season, which aired between June 30 and September 15. Airing Tuesdays at 10pm, the show replaced the network’s surprise sci-fi hit “Under the Dome”, which was canceled in 2014 after three years on the air.

Season two of “Zoo” ran from June 28 to September 6, 2016 and also consisted of 13 episodes. The final two episodes were shown back-to-back in a special two-hour slot. The third and currently final season, again with 13 episodes, was broadcast from June 29 to September 21, 2017 on CBS.

All three seasons are available in DVD format, while the first season is also available on Blu-ray. The first season was released on December 1, 2015, the second on December 6, 2016, and the third on December 12, 2017.

Netflix and Amazon Battle

Back in 2014, Amazon and Netflix fought for the rights to the series. After a fierce battle, Netflix won and became CBS’s exclusive video-on-demand partner for “Zoo”. The deal was that Netflix would get access to each season only after all 13 episodes were aired on CBS. Netflix also got the rights to stream the series in more than 50 countries around the world.


The first season of “Zoo” averaged 6.4 million viewers per episode and a 1.06 rating in the key 18-49 demo. The first episode had around 8.1 million viewers, with the season finale having only 4.8 million viewers.

Like most other series, “Zoo” saw a ratings slump in its second season, which opened with 5.1 million viewers and ended with 4.2 million viewers. The season average dropped from 6.40 to 4.40 million viewers and an average rating of 0.74.

The trend continued throughout the third season, which opened with just under 3 million viewers and closed with 2.8 million viewers. The season average was 2.65 million viewers with a 0.51 rating in the coveted 18-49 demo.


After a strong start, the first season experienced a sharp decline in viewership and never recovered. The season finale had a disappointing 4.8 million viewers compared to the first episode’s 8.1. Nothing improved during the second season, which averaged only 4.4 million viewers. The steady decline gave rise to speculations that the series was on the bubble.

The series was, however, renewed for a third season, but failed to recover. None of the thirteen episodes climbed above the 3 million viewers mark. The tenth episode was the low point of the season with only 2.03 million viewers. Even the cliffhanger finale had 2.8 million viewers. Finally, on October 23, 2017, CBS officially announced that the show was canceled.

Will There Be a Season 4?

Back in late 2017, there were rumors that Netflix might pick up “Zoo” for a fourth season. These were mostly fueled by the facts that Netflix had exclusive video-on-demand rights for the series and that the third season ended on a huge cliffhanger. The same rumors resurfaced in 2018 and an online petition was created by the fans.

Despite the rumors and speculations, Netflix remained silent on the subject. The future of the series remains uncertain, as there is still no official announcement of the fourth season of “Zoo”. For the time being, it is safe to assume that the series is over.

Some of the cast members have since moved on to new projects. Wolk is starring in CBS’s new psychological thriller “Tell Me a Story”, Diaz is set to play the female lead in ABC’s “The Rookie” opposite Nathan Fillion (“Castle”), while Burke has recently starred in the surprise box office success “Breaking In”.


Due to mass production, today’s TV shows face ferocious competition and their fate is mostly dictated by the numbers. The rules are simple: shows with high viewership and ratings get renewed, while the others get canned. Although it still had stories to tell, “Zoo” suffered from poor ratings for much of its run, which eventually resulted in its cancelation.

25 thoughts on “Did Netflix Pick Up Zoo Season 4?”

No longer zoo fan says:
Thank God that they are not doing a season 4. Season 3 was extremely disappointing the way it carried on. Reminded me of some Bollywood movies. Suddenly everyone is an expert at science, bad guys are not killed, family relations and too much of such twists, what was that with everyone who were stabbed or shot coming back live with some stupid liquid?? Oh yes and the skull drill!! Drag drag and more drag.
God! Kill that Oz guy and his sister! Good riddance!
Aratrika says:
this is ridiculous that it ends like some hopeless rain drops falling on scorched land. people became more thirsty and then get to know there is no confirmation of season 4. good job Netflix. way to go.
Charles mcarthur says:
I just watched all three season’s on Netflix was very disappointed at the end leaving me very frustrated at the end needs an ending I didn’t watch it on CBS but did on Netflix loved it. But can’t believe that it ended like that need season 4 to finish it
Maddox says:
I made glad people are still watching ZOO. I’ve watched all three seasons on Netflix as they finished airing and have been waiting for season 4 since. I really hope Netflix decides does to pick it up even though it’s been so long
A. nonymus says:
Make ZOO 4,
4 us!
Johanna Louise Hovestad says:
Hello! I agree with all the complains! You cannot do this to us! I am so mad and disappointed! I love this series! I watched all 3 seasons with enthousiasm and I think that your duty is to finish the series ! I live in The Netherlands and watch Zoo on Netflix! PLEASE GIVE US SEASON 4 ! You owe that to all the fans allover the world! Thanks and greets! Johanna L Hovestad
J.B says:
I am also from the Netherlands and just finished season 3 of Zoo and i also was shocked to hear that the series got canceled. I agree that they cant do this to us and atleast make a small season 4 to let the series end in a normal way.
Glenn collier says:
I and the family just marathon watched all 3 seasons this weekend and were so disaponted to find there is no conclusion, why the hell would netflix even provide a series thst has no conclusion. Im really reconsidering my membership and ive had it a long time. It just is not right!
Simon says:
When there’s 5 minutes left in show and more problems are popping up and you know there’s no season 4 to binge on….SCREW YOU NETFLIX
Robin Christopher says:
why is everybody so hard on netflix it was cbs that cancelled “Zoo” not netflix and it is hard to recreate a new season of a show when all the main actors are working on different projects. don’t blame netflix they are only the distributor not the creator Blame CBS if you have to blame somebody!!!
Tiffany Marie says:
I just binged watch all 3 seasons and was left like wth. Please bring back with a 4th season.
Tina/ Tennessee says:
Screw CBS. I think Netflix should get the producers of the series to make a season 4 and maybe even a 5. T
Shirley says:
The show needs an ending how fair is it to fans that do watch it its sure as hell better than reality tv
disappointed iin Carolina says:
I just binge-watched all 3 seasons and was left – just hanging! Wtf?! NETFLIX, please let subscribers know if a show cancels without resolution!! This SUX
Savanah J Echevarria says:
You can’t end season three like that and expect us not to have a season 4 this is bull shit the show was suspenseful and was great to watch…. I’m so aggravated GRRRRRRR please shoot season 4
Susan says:
Oh my gosh! I just finished watching season 3 of Zoo. Now I find out that they probably won’t ever finish the series and make season 4. I am feeling so frustrated right now. That last episode needs a proper ending.


Eddie says:
IO’m done with them all.. ABC, NBC and most of all CBS.. I’ll wait until the series completes and then watch it on with on the online medias. We just canceled our Sat TV.. It does nothing but piss me off to watch something for 2-3-4 years and have it just end, no conclusion, it just ends.. They say the new star trek is tanking.. well in order to watch it you now have to pay.. and if I pay it anything going to be different.. NOPE!! so now its going to not only waste my time is going to waste my $$. no thanks..
sebastianna says:
I hate stuff like this, if you are going to cancel a show, then have solution to the story not leave a massive cliffhanger. That’s why you have less viewers because of things like this.
Ali Armeda says:
Netflix need to bring our season 4 this is a joke you can’t finish a series like this. Make it happen. We all want it.
Ash says:
This is very pathetic of you’s to not finish it.. I’ve been waiting over a bloody year.. isn’t it false or misleading at the end… when the plane hits the wall n the animals come in??? Legit you cant do this to people who have been waiting for the next one.. if yous weren’t gonna make anymore.. it should of ended. I want to do a lawsuit against you’s.. send me the paperwork saying you’s weren’t gonna finish it before you’s started it… With the date etc before yous started making the show. So I can go over it with someone.. not happy.. ever heard of compensation?
Jane says:
Yeah, that’s not how it works, it’s not how any of it works. I hope you’re being incredibly sarcastic, because if not, that’s just sad.
A says:
It has to be. Look at all the ‘you’s.’ It’s like someone time traveled to 1980s Mafia movies.
Kevin says:
Yes please continue the show!!!!
Can not leave without concluding
Leeanne says:
Please please please doo season 4 please please
Carl Fagan says:
Might as well make the 4th season a movie and tie up all the loose ends in one big episode.
Gareth says:
What the television houses must realise is that a large number of viewers wait until the end of the season and then binge watch the entire season. Many viewers when they hear a show has been cancelled with a cliff hanger simply don’t watch. The final episode could easily have ended properly instead of the deliberate cliff hanger.

These keeps happening and it’s become irritating. It’s like watching a movie that has the last 15 minutes cut out.

Viewers are noticing

A says:
TV Networks makes it money off ads. If you wait and binge, the show has bad ratings during the season. If it has bad ratings, advertisers pay less and the network makes less money.

Do you really think CBS/NBC/ABC/Name TV Network cares about its viewers? They have one goal…


Lisa Linton - Davis says:
This is not right. You have to finish what you’ve started. Zoo is an awesome show. The people who makes these decisions needs their head examined. Please make a season 4. Don’t any of you care about what your fans want to see. Please don’t leave us fans hanging like this.
ANDREA Altergott says:
We have just watched all of the zoo episodes back to back over 4 days…we need season 4. You can not leave this to a close with out an end.
Heather Eckman says:
Dont make a show if your not gonn finish it who cares if half the worlds not watching its not fair to the ones who are watching an are into the show.
Warisa says:
This is ridiculous, you can’t just leave a show with a BIG BIG cliffhanger!!!! Atleast give one episode and dedicate a final ending or resolution to end the show with a CLOSING. SMH.. so disappointed
Rachael says:
Please make season 4 of zoo happen! Such a cliffhanger, we need some sort of resolution. Remember…. “one problem at a time”
Claire Gallatley says:
Please continue with a season 4 of the zoo. I really enjoy the story and I think the characters make the show work. I love a bit of escapism. Plus you can’t leave it on a cliff hanger

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