How To Get Blue and Yellow Toads Super Mario Run

Posted by Heather on December 21, 2016
Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run released on December 15, 2016, by Nintendo is available in the Apple App Store for download now.  If you’ve started playing the mobile game for iPhone then, you know that once at Bowser’s castle concluding world one, you must purchase the application to continue.  Otherwise, you only get a 20-second trial run in the castle.

What we’re going to talk about shortly though is how you can get blue and yellow toads in the Super Mario Run application.  To do that you need to play Super Mario Run past world one.  We believe it’s well worth the $9.99.  Super Mario on your iPhone, yes, please.

Then, their’s the Toad Rally side game within the app.  To get tickets to play Toad Rally you have to get all or as many pink coins in each level as you can.  When you get all five pink coins from each level, you’ll then, see other color coins appear in the game.  It’ll become more and more challenging to get those coins as the game progresses.

In Toad Rally you select another player from a list of challenger’s.  The objective here is to collect as many coins as you can with the most creativity to beat your opponent.  The more coins you collect by playing Toad Rally, the more toads you’ll see appear on your iPhone screen as you’re playing.  Also when doing flips and wall jumps a coin rush occurs and lots of coins pop up all over.

So, how do you get blue and yellow toads in Super Mario Run?  Well, you’ll first have to beat world one, which unlocks green and purple toads.  Then, you’re going to need to beat World two of Super Mario Run which, you got it, unlocks the Blue and Yellow Toads.

When you’ve unlocked all the toad varieties (there are five just FYI) then, you’ll collect the different colored toads which unlock characters, building and decorations.  Make your kingdom supper awesome!

You’ve got to give it your best and win those Toad Rally races so; you can accumulate toads.  Also, to play Toad Rally you’ve got to get those special colored coins in the levels of Super Mario Run worlds.  This grants you tickets for admission into Toad Rally challenges.

In conclusion, you’ll want to make the purchase of Super Mario Run so you can get the full experience of the mobile application.  It’s fun; it’s addicting and it’s Mario.  Need we say more?  Collect all the pink coins to get tickets and play the Toad Rally side game within the app.  Complete all the worlds to get all five toad varieties…And win the Toad Rally races and build up your toad collection.

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