How To Install Unjudged Repo for Kodi

Posted by Jamie on October 25, 2018

The Unjudged repo for Kodi was one of the most popular around and counted installs by the thousand. It offered Live TV, Movies, TV Shows, Catch-up, Sports, Fitness, Comedy, Anime, Documentaries, Music, News, Adult, and more. This tutorial will show you how to install Unjudged repo for Kodi but only if you have the source files. I will also list some alternatives you might like to try too.

Notice I’m using past tense? Unjudged shut down earlier this year. This time it wasn’t about legal wrangling or Cease and Desist letters but about copying. Apparently another add-on copied their code and content and rather than fight and waste effort, the guys behind the Unjudged repo decided to stop development and move on to something else.

It does make a nice change for the people behind a repo to not face a legal challenge but in this case, emulation is not necessarily a complement.

Installing Unjudged repo for Kodi

If you have a copy of the Unjudged repo files lying around, you can use them to install in in Kodi. Otherwise, the ‘http://repo.theunjudged.com/’ URL that used to host the files is no longer operating. If you have the files, do the following to install the repo.

  1. Launch Kodi and select Settings.
  2. Select Add-ons and toggle Unknown sources to on.
  3. Navigate to back the Kodi home page.
  4. Select Add-ons menu item and then the small open box icon at top left.
  5. Select Install from zip file.
  6. Select your Illuminati Repo.zip file.
  7. Select Install From Repository and select Illuminati.
  8. Select Video Add-Ons and then The Unjudged.
  9. Select Install.
  10. Wait for The Unjudged add-on installed message to appear.

You should now see the Unjudged repo appear and you may, or may not be able to access any of its features.

Viable alternatives to the Unjudged repo for Kodi

If you don’t have the source files for the Unjudged repo for Kodi lying around there are a bunch of alternatives you could try. Each of these is working at the time of writing and worth checking out.

Neptune Rising

Neptune Rising is a very credible alternative to the Unjudged repo. It features movies, TV shows and a ton of other stuff but its real strength is the movie part. It has literally thousands of movies all sorted into categories and will take as long to browse as it would to watch one of them. It is working right now and is well worth a try.

Placenta Kodi Addon

Despite the awful name, the Placenta Kodi Addon is well worth checking out as it’s a fork of Covenant. It has a wider range of content than Neptune Rising but isn’t as deep. As well as movies and TV shows, it also features documentaries, fitness, legends of music, podcasts and a lot of other content. It is contained within the same Blamo repo as Neptune Rising so if you have that installed, adding Placenta takes only a minute.

Exodus 6.0

Exodus 6.0 is mainly for movies and TV and works well. It is no longer supported apparently but I use it and it still seems to be populating with recent, if not new, content. The add-on is available through the Kodi Bae Repository.


Incursion is an updated fork of Covenant and Exodus and has been improved quite a bit from those forbears. It features mainly movies and TV shows and includes a huge range of new and old movies in dozens of categories across every genre you can think of. The add-on works well and quickly too, if you used and loved Covenant, Incursion is well worth a try. It is available through the http://addons4kodi.site.


Uranus is an Elysium replacement and one that was suggested to me when preparing this tutorial. It features movies, TV shows, live streams, Trakt integration and a tone of other stuff. It is a relatively new add-on apparently but is a rising star if reports and Redditt is to be believed. Either way, it seems to work well and has a huge range of content for your viewing pleasure.

Use Kodi safely

No tutorial for Kodi would be complete without a warning to always use a VPN. The authorities, Hollywood and their subordinates wage an unending war against piracy. While TechJunkie does not in any way condone piracy, using Kodi on its own is not illegal. Accessing illegal streams and copyright protected content is though. However you use Kodi, always use a good VPN to protect yourself.

If you have the source files, you can install Unjudged repo for Kodi if you want to. However, there are now some very viable alternatives that are surpassing what it could do.

Have any suggestions for alternatives to the Unjudged repo for Kodi? Tell us below if you do!

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This Guide Last Updated: October 25, 2018

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